Building a winter wedding outfit is a process rife with problems. You want to be warm, but you don’t want to feel so bundled up that you can’t show off your outfit. Then there’s the issue of accidentally wearing all black and looking rather sombre for a lovely occasion. Indeed, it’s a sartorial minefield. 

But fear not, as there is no shortage of solutions to the cold-weather outfit dilemma. Our editors have worked tirelessly to hunt down a few looks that are super-easy to copy, will not only work for someone’s chilly nuptials but also for that office bash you’ve got coming up too, and may help you get use out of pieces you already own. What can we say? We’re partial to a bit of multitasking. Keep scrolling to see to unlock the winter wedding outfits guaranteed to earn you best-dressed guest status. 

Style Notes: Winter doesn’t mean you have to hide behind chunky outerwear. Instead, make long-sleeved dresses your go-to for any occasion, weddings included. Chances are you won’t have to spend much time outside anyway, but the long sleeves will give you that little extra defence from the elements. We also recommend opting for a style that falls below the knee. 

Rixo’s retro prints feel incredibly fresh right now.

This cult-status arm candy will serve you well for seasons to come. 

Give any outfit instant polish with velvet shoes. 

Style Notes: Trousers present a chic alternative to typical wedding guest dresses. For a winter service, we suggest choosing a wide-leg pair in decadent satin for a gorgeous look that’s also season-appropriate. Why not double up on the sheen with a silky blouse to boot?

Match your lipstick shade to this blouse for added luxe. 

The high waist and straight legs make for a very flattering trouser fit. 

Try wearing these with camel tones post-ceremony. 

Style Notes: Want to get more wear out of your favourite occasion dress from the summer? Try layering it with a jacket in the same colour to create an effortlessly pulled-together ensemble. While you’re at it, make like Lisa and take your coordination skills to the next level with a matching handbag. 

This jacket will look just as chic worn with ripped jeans in your downtime. 

Try popping a long-sleeve roll neck underneath this dress to get more wear out of it during the winter months. 

We can’t stop thinking about this chic grab-bag. 

Lisa’s shoe colour clash shouldn’t work, but it so does. 

Style Notes: Brides aren’t the only ones optioning for suits at weddings—in fact, they’re fast becoming more popular amongst guests, too. In winter, they’re a no-brainer as they’ll inevitably keep you warmer than any floaty dress ever could. Opt for velvet to up the glamour. 

Evergreen velvet—this blazer couldn’t be more on-trend if it tried. 

The buttons give these trousers a classic vibe. 

The perfect party shoe for under £25. 

Style Notes: Wearing a jumper to a wedding would normally be sacrilege but, when it’s premium cashmere and the tone blends with your fanciest skirt perfectly, it can look the cool, wedding guest part. 

This will look just as good with jeans as it will a sequin skirt. 

So much sparkle for your money. 

These will become your footwear saviours. 

Style Notes: Take a piece from each of the aforementioned sections – long sleeves, trousers, satin – and what do you get? Karina’s chic jumpsuit look. Simply round off your ensemble with an on-trend beaded bag and you’re good to go. 

Afterwards, dress this jumpsuit down with hiking boots and a Borg jacket.

So pretty. 

Clash the stark white hue with a burgundy pedi. 

Left planning your wedding guest outfit to the last minute? Not to worry—simply order one of these dresses on next-day delivery.