According to research, around 53% of people tends to spend Valentine’s Day at home instead of dining out.  Along with the general global trend of consumer behaviour, people seem to be more and more drawn to experiences that are personalised and non commercial.


We are here to give some hints on how to stay on top of the game for your stay-at-home V Day, with your significant others, friends, family or just you, because self-love is one of the greatest!

Can I get an Amen?!

LOVE 5 Ways to Show Love this Valentines Day

1. Personalised and Mutual

Requirements for dining experiences to become more and more exclusive is a huge trend right now, and I am sure we all get that. After all we are walking towards the age where restaurants could just blow up on instagram and somehow loses its point of special factors.


Nobody knows your taste as well as yourself, that is true. Being able to serve yourself what you like, no matter is foie gras or just boxed Mac and cheese. Make it extra special and a significant memories by adding in personalised tableware!



Valentines day tablescape Nonagon style n9s Mein Monogramm 016 Mein Monogramm

Personalised Champagne Glasses that makes every cheers moment a memoir of happiness and togetherness. And it goes on for a long time for every special day ahead of your lives!

Valentines day tablescape Nonagon style n9s Sophie Victoria Joy 018 Sophie Victoria Joy

Who said coasters are just typical round pieces of cork? Get this fern shaped pair coaster with personalised details as a gift for your SO or just your bestie!

Valentines day tablescape Nonagon style n9s Table scape valentines day blue stone handlettring

Got no time for personalised products?

Do it yourself by taking reference from this beautiful hand lettering name plate made from a pebble. It is for sure that your have some laying around your front door pavements!

2. Greenery Freshness

Wants to give a cool and subtle sense instead of all romantic flowery?

Try to include some leafy elements around the dining area. They are versatile with any organic texture and organic materials such as linen table runners, wooden table top and your favourite independent ceramics artists creations!


Valentines day tablescape Nonagon style n9s 061 Sainsbury s

Green just miraculous turn every cool tone colour warm by being in such an interesting hue in middle. We loved how it complemented the beauty in Oriental Blue and White ceramics on this natural wood texture table top!

Valentines day tablescape Nonagon style n9s 059 Kahler Design

Succulents are juicy and always puffy due to the ability to store water and hydration just incase for those bad days! Doesn’t it remind us like how our hearts could get filled with so much love and positivity in case of those rainy days and Mondays!

Valentines day tablescape Nonagon style n9s Cate St Hill 057 FlowerBe Cate St Hill

Eucalyptus has been favourites for celebrity flower artists for its aesthetics and versatility. They instantly extend space ratios of any centrepiece, leaving it a airy yet delicate touch. It is a great choice to go with simple candle sticks on simply designed candle holders.

3. Think Pink

OK fine! We admit it. Millennial Pink is a thing and still A THING for Valentine’s Day!

Do I really need to further explain? The colour that symbolises female strength, delicacy, affection and mindfulness at the same time.

Get it pinked up, and you just won’t mess up.



Valentines day tablescape Nonagon style n9s Anthropologie 034 Anthropologie

Crystal clear as heartbeat you hear, shades of pink that my ship has sinked.

#cringepoetry contest anyone?

Valentines day tablescape Nonagon style n9s Green Wedding Shoes 038 Green Wedding Shoes

Can we acknowledge how Pink just looks good with Rose, white wine AND red wine at the same time? Making sure we are having them triplets tonight! This is LOVE!

Valentines day tablescape Nonagon style n9s Martha Stewart 042 Martha Stewart

And yes of course, (If you are Martha Stewart), making some pink Baked Alaska would be an absolute pants dropper (As your guest would be having a full tummy!)

4. Modern Motifs


How to be direct and simply straight forward without being too in-your-face?

Try modern lettering and motifs that are light and airy in unsaturated tones! You can say love in a million ways and heart shapes are just one of them!


Valentines day tablescape Nonagon style n9s Sophie Victoria Joy 049 Sophie Victoria Joy

We loved the golden matte texture of the cake sign, perfect not just for Valentines Day, but even anniversaries!

Valentines day tablescape Nonagon style n9s Rue Magazine 048 Rue Mag

Napkin Origami might sound scary to some people as it seems intermediate and complicated. But we are so lucky that a heart shape is just as easy as smiling when you see your beloved ones! Check the video below!

5. Lingering Lace


Nothing speaks romance and sensuality like laces. Sheer and delicate, complex yet subtle. the beauty of lace lingers not just on skin but what about leaving a hint of this tender sexiness on the tablescape?



Valentines day tablescape Nonagon style n9s Decor Gold Designs 074 Decor Gold Designs

That special effect when sunlight peeps through, lace just looks like heaven’s gift. As if what cupids would be wearing the day he got down to Earth and starred on NYFW.

Valentines day tablescape Nonagon style n9s Ruffled 077 Ruffled Blog

Lace and Burgundy is such simple combo of romance and sensuality. The colour of Vodka and Pinot noir – I am sure you would have a great night ahead~ (wink*)

Valentines day tablescape Nonagon style n9s Creative Tops 073 Creative Tops

Loved ceramics and table ware with lace pattern! It is that kind that makes any food instantly artsy! Maximising your dinner’s romantic factor!

6. Gold and Bold

If you are the kind that wants to go bold and make a headline, we have also got your back.

Having elements of gold and rich colours creates a vibrant ecosystem on your Valentine’s Day dinner tablescape. No matter you are Instagramming it or not, it would for sure make the front page of your memoir in heart.


Valentines day tablescape Nonagon style n9s 096 Sarah Miller

Vibrant and dark tones with gold. Sultry yet elegant, perfect for those who are fierced and sexy!

Valentines day tablescape Nonagon style n9s Jonathan Adler 093 Jonathan Adler

Mingling with the cool and possibly ultra rich type?

Black and gold would be your go to! The magical combo of mysteriousness and boldness, with oriental motif that turns your dinner table possibly no.1 chic in the country!

Valentines day tablescape Nonagon style n9s Dunelm 091 Dunelm

Did we just mention how much we love Greeneries? Literally the game changer, serving tropical vibe even when you are dropping gold accents every parts of the table top.

When the world is getting ridiculous and mundane as if love couldn’t stay in the air anymore, staying in and cozy up seem to be the way out.

We hope you enjoyed out inspos on how to create thousand bucks aesthetics with just simple things you might have laying around the house. Despite this difficult and unusual time, do not compromise on the effort we give for the ones who we love and who loves us!


Finally, Happy Valentine’s Day! (And ever after!)

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