You don’t need a custom-designed closet to make the most out of your storage space.

Wardrobe closets display the exposed ply edges which create a unique outline within the millwork.

Just because your closet is on the smaller side—or even downright tiny—doesn’t mean that it can’t be efficient and rearranged to hold more than you originally thought possible. Below, we go through some tips, tricks, and hacks to show that it is possible to maximize storage and minimize wasted space without splurging on a custom closet solution.

1. Make Your Hangers Multitask

Fontanez solved LOT-EK’s conundrum of how to situate the bed against the center wall while still maintaining closet access by suggesting an automated dry-cleaning rack in the narrow closet. He and Russell access the closet from opposite ends.

A specialty hanging system was created for a long, narrow closet.

Photo: Nicholas Calcott

Whether you need to hang multiple ties, several pairs of pants, or a handful of belts, specialty hangers are created for specific items in your closet, so you can hang multiple pieces in the space of a typical shirt hanger. Often, these hangers will have a cascading arrangement that helps to store items efficiently and visibly, so it’s easier to see something in the back of the closet and grab it. 

2. Double Up on Hanging Rods 

Courtesy of JHL Design

Most closets are organized so that the hanging rod is raised high enough off the floor to accommodate longer pieces of clothing like dresses, pants, and skirts, with some room below for shoes. However, some have the hanging rod high enough to allow you to add a second, lower rod, creating double the storage. If you’re not the handy type, you may want to look into purchasing a closet rod that hangs directly off your top rod—no elbow grease or hardware required! First, however, you should make sure that the upper rod can support the extra weight. 

3. Take Advantage of the Closet Door

Isabella Furniture's Federal hook system, which Dwell featured in our July/August issue, features laser cut steel hooks that slide along a grooved wooden form. Available in black walnut or maple with black or white hooks; $195.

A set of hooks installed on the back of a closet door can provide much-needed extra storage space.

Courtesy of Isabella Furniture

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