Do you know the dromedary plants? These are plants that do not (or little) need water and come back every year. These flowering perennials are numerous, and most varieties reseed themselves! They require little maintenance and are ideal for beginners gardeners or those who tend to forget about daily watering.

Here are 6 plants that do not need water and that will give you beautiful flowers.

1. Cupidone

The cupid one unveils beautiful blue, white or pink flowers, and a black heart. Its flower heads have the texture of paper and are sky blue. This original flower blooms from June to September.

2. The roquelaure

The white-cream velvet foliage of the coquelourde sublimates the pink-magenta flowers. Be careful, and it can quickly become invasive.

3. Valerian

Valerian settles quickly on any ground. Its red or white flowers decorate the landscape from June to the end of summer. The tufts can measure between 40 and 60 cm high! The planting place is essential: if the plant receives at least 6 hours of sun per day, it reseeds itself.

4. Bear’s ear

The bear’s ear is a carpet plant with a velvet texture and ashy color. Long, pale pink spikes emerge from the carpet of leaves. This ground cover is highly resistant to drought. It is impossible to dislodge!

5. The yellow Bermudan

It is a plant that blooms all summer and reveals magnificent cream-yellow spikes. The small flowers with 6 petals are renewed from June to October, allowing a floral garden for a long time. Stony soil without watering is very suitable for the Sisyrinchium variety.

6. Yarrow

Yarrow dazzles the garden with its yellow or white bloom. She loves the sun, and dry soils suit her very well.

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