Some certain deco items can make a great comeback in a certain season, year or time period. So we started analyzing the six coolest pieces that made a huge comeback in the last month and that have to be featured in your dreamy new home:

1. Seventies decor items

Sputnik lamps, seventies themed prints or deco items, plants and a lot of velvet are just a few of the items that prove that the seventies are making a huge comeback in home decor world this season. So, pick at least one item from this glam era and make your home more fancy and stylish.

2. Brown accents

Whether we are talking about a brown sofa, coffee table, or chair, the brown accents are that classy and elegant items that add warmth into a space and also a great retro look. Paired with modern items they will look so dreamy and paired with neutral objects they will add contrast in your beautiful home.

3. Fancy Chinoiserie 

From wallpapers, porcelain, framed pictures or furniture, the beautiful blue and white China themed items are making a huge comeback bringing you a beautiful, fresh and warm vibe in your home. Also, they work wonders in a tropical home, the trendiest space of this season.

4. Velvet furniture

Armchairs, sofas, bed frames, anything in velvet is gorgeous this season, especially in emerald, red, blue or pastel colors. Add a velvet item in a retro home for a sophisticated look or in a modern home for a fancy touch and you won’t regret it!

5. Rattan items

For your vacation house or your day to day home, rattan furniture represents the perfect vacation at home and the perfect exotic escape or relaxing spot in your dreamy place. Pick a cute rattan chair or coffee table and make the perfect getaway space in your home.

6. Golden mirrors

Give any kind of home a glam vibe with a statement golden mirror or a golden frame. Add modern art in the golden frame and add it in your bedroom, library or next to your living room sofa. As for the beautiful mirror, add it in your dreamy dressing, your living room or even your bathroom.

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