Whether you are moving into a new home or just changing the looks of your closet, for the new season you need a spring wardrobe detox. It’s that time of year when you have to be really strict with your clothes, let some of them go and let new ones in and also make everything cute, using dreamy deco ideas. So, here are six must-know tricks you:

1. Bye, bye winter!

In order to get you spring wardrobe ready you must put aside your fall/winter clothes. Before putting those in the highest shells or in special boxes in your pantry, make a selection of them. Think about which ones you have worn during the cold season and ask yourself: did you really enjoyed wearing them? Do their style describe your personality? Well, if they suit you and you love wearing them often keep them, if not, give them and make way for new ones.

2. Continue with your declutter

Now, it’s time for the spring wardrobe to be firmly analyzed. It’s for your own good, the fewer things you have, the easier it is to put together an outfit. Think about this spring’s trends, about your style and what events you are attending this season (maybe you are going in an exotic vacation or you’re going to Coachella). If they match these criteria, keep them, if not, think about giving them, but make sure to keep the classic clothes that keep coming in style.

3. It’s organizing time!

Now, since you decided on what to keep, start by sorting your clothes, shoes and accessories. T-shirts go with t-shirts and they can be separated by basic tees or the clubbing tops. Also, after separating them, organize them by color. Start from white to black or make a colorful pile and a neutral one. Also, keep you sports shoes in one part and you fancy shoes in another, more attractive, side.

4. What do you miss?

You have all the clothes you love and there are perfectly organized, but do you miss some things? Well, you are allowed to buy a few NEW stuff. Here is how you should pick: pick an item from the new trends that won’t go out of style too quickly (for example you can invest in a masculine or wide shoulders jacket). Always invest in things like jackets, shoes, bags not in dressed or t-shirts. Then, add a basic thing – like a new white shirt but with a cool new cut. And, you can also add a new pair of sandals, glasses or a cute spring bag. The new stuff make a closet happy, but don’t exaggerate with them!

5. Make everything cute!

Now that you have the perfect amount of stuff, it’s time to make your wardrobe pretty. Put in front all the things you love. They will inspire you in creative unique outfits.

6. It’s deco time!

Last, but not least, mix and match deco items with your favorite accessories or clothes. Pair a chic pair of shoes with a fashion album, add a bag on top of some books, and put a gorgeous top of dress next to some inspirational quotes. In this way you will love more and more your wardrobe and you will appreciate it as the days go by.

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