If you are a shoe maniac, you love accessories or you are looking for the coolest shoe storage suggestions out there, we will tell you that we picked the dreamiest styles just for you. We found six chic ideas for your home and also found some practical shopping suggestions we are sure you will love:

1. The cool factor

Add your favorite shoes on a vertical rack and surround them with dreamy lights. Decorate this gorgeous space with retro photos and chic bags and you will love the result!

2. Boho chic

Just look at this relaxing storage space, it’s perfect for your flip flops, sandals or sport shoes, right? It also fits great into a boho chic bedroom filled with neutrals and dreamy green plants.

3. Californian style

This is the perfect shoe rack for a stylish Californian home. Pick a few unique Californian deco pieces and also add some cool metallic grills instead of the classic shoe storage spaces. Decorate the space with cactuses, green trees and a furry rug.

4. On the side rack

This simple yet chic rack can fit perfectly next to a cool staircase like this pastel one. Pick a neutral color and add your day to day shoes on it. Also, this rack is the perfect fit if you match it with your walls.

5. The dream closet

This storage space is perfect for a shopaholic. It’s also great because you can organize your shoes by type or by colors. Moreover, you also have an extra space to add dreamy flowers or plants and cute deco objects.

6. The practical boxes

We’ve all seen this IKEA storage boxes for shoes but this arrangement is really a cool idea. The corner looks classy elegant and not cheap at all, so the deco figurines and the stylish small chairs can really transform your favorite shoe corner into a fabulous one. Just try it!


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