It’s time for a lovely day outside so enjoy a magical time in your balcony or terrace and learn from IKEA a few tricks. Here are six dreamy ideas for you, so tell us which one do you prefer your gorgeous outdoor space?

1. The small neutral balcony

Mix neutral furniture in a folding system like this SALTHOLMEN ensemble with beautiful green plants. Add colorful pillows for a bold accent and serve your favorite drink outdoors.

2. The relaxing outdoor

Pick a daybed instead of a chair for your balcony or terrace and treat yourself with a day of sun, like you’re on a tropical island. Surround yourself with a lot of green plants, pillows and cool trays and enjoy a day at home.

3. Colorful details

Using the Applaro set make your balcony dreamy along with a colorful rug that will make everything happy and dreamy. Also, pick flowers in the same dreamy colors as the rug and match everything with a lovely refreshing orange juice.

4. Daydream balcony

Make your balcony dreamy like a canopy bed using a sheer white material that can make your balcony simply magical! Add also dreamy green plants and gorgeous lights and pick neutral wooden furniture for this lovely space.


5. The black and white game

Pick white furniture for your balcony, like the lovely IKEA Applaro set and match it with black and white deco elements in different prints like dots, stripes or abstract art. Everything will look gorgeous and you will feel like having a chic French picnic in your own outdoor space.

6. Dreamy lamps

Start with some dreamy lights and make your nights outdoor simply magical. Add neutral terrace furniture, green plants in cute metallic jars and start a small cocktail party at home, in fancy bottles of course!

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