Christmas decorating ideas

Update your Christmas decorating with on-trend gold accessories. Image: Williams Sonoma Home

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We live for Christmas decorating. The planning and preparation for this special day is part of the magic of the season. With so many events and details to handle, it’s easy to reach for the same decorations every year. There are definitely ornaments and decor that are special to you and will always be a part of your Christmas decorating. By planning a little in advance, though, you can give yourself time to replenish your decorations and add new colors and designs to your home this holiday season. You’ll want to start with a decorating plan so that everything will come together for the big day. To help you with your plan, we’ve created a Christmas decorating checklist.

Ready to Update Your Christmas Decorating? Start Here:

Christmas Wreath Pottery Barn

Silver and gold ornaments are the perfect Christmas decorating accent. Image: Pottery Barn

Christmas is about family gatherings and tradition. There’s no doubt that your Christmas decorations are cherished every year, so it’s important to honor that while updating your home’s holiday look. While you’re going over your plans to decorate this year, it’s also a great time to freshen up your Christmas decor.

If you’d like to give your Christmas decorating a fresh look you’ll want to focus on these six things:

  • Freshen Up Color: The easiest way to update your Christmas decorating is through a new color palette.
  • Create a Plan: Use social media like Pinterest to get inspiration for this year’s Christmas decorating.
  • Make Hard Decisions: Deciding what to keep and what to donate is crucial in making space for your new look.
  • Stick With Your Plan: Once you decide on a new Christmas decorating plan, sticking to that plan will save you time and frustration.
  • Make It a Whole-House Project: Carry your new Christmas decor scheme from room to room.
  • Organize as You Go: Stay organized as you’re unwrapping treasured Christmas decor and unboxing new items.

1. Freshen Up Your Color Palette This Christmas

Draper James Christmas Decorating

Your Christmas color palette doesn’t have to be complicated. Neutrals make beautiful accents with traditional holiday colors. Image: Crate & Barrel

We love traditional Christmas colors like green and red — you can use them as your base when you update your palette. Silver and gold metallics are an easy way to add more color to your decor, but you’ll want to consider copper and brushed gold if you’re creating a contemporary color palette.

Choosing colors for your Christmas decorating is easy because you don’t have to limit yourself to just a few. You’ll want to choose three main colors for your decorating plan, then add three accent colors to your palette (and metallics to tie everything together).

2. Create a New Christmas Decorating Plan

Coastal Style Christmas Decorating

Christmas decorating inspiration with coastal style. Image: Pottery Barn

If you’re ready to freshen up your Christmas decor, it’s time to make a plan. Making a decorating plan isn’t as formal as it sounds. What you’ll be doing is looking through your favorite social media (Pinterest is ideal for this) for inspiration and ideas. Once you have a vision in mind, note the colors that seem to pop up in every image you love. When you decide on a theme for your decorating this year, you’ll know exactly what’s right for your updated Christmas decorating plan when you go shopping.

3. Make Room for New Decorations

Contemporary Christmas Decorations

Keep what you love while making space for new Christmas decor that reflects who you are now. Image: Crate & Barrel

Your treasured ornaments and decorations are a big part of your Christmas traditions and will be the center of your updated decorating plan. Like any decluttering project, going through all of your decorations can help you decide which pieces are truly keepsakes and which are not. We’ve all accumulated boxes of ornaments and decorations over the years that are put up out of habit. These are the items that can be replaced by updated decor as part of your new decorating plan.

4. Stick With Your Christmas Decorating Plan

Christmas Decor Ideas

Charming Christmas throw pillows are easy accent decor for your living room. Image: Crate & Barrel

Now that you have a beautiful new Christmas color scheme and decorating plan, your goal is to stay focused as you shop for new decorations. When you know exactly what your new vision looks like, you’re less likely to impulse shop. While it’s best to stay within your plan, allow yourself a few must-have ornaments that you know will become keepsakes for years to come. The secret is in creating a beautiful foundation to highlight your most cherished decorations.

5. Flow Your Christmas Decorating Throughout Your Home

Bathroom Christmas Decorations Wayfair

Decorate your guest bath with fun Christmas decor. Image: Wayfair

Spread the Christmas decorating love throughout your home. Seasonal throw pillows, blankets and wall art can be used in any room. For your guest baths, Christmas towels and even a shower curtain can make guests feel at home during the holidays.

6. Save Time Next Year by Organizing Your Christmas Decor Now

Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas

Pretty and practical ornament storage boxes make organizing easy. Image: The Container Store

We know that the last thing on our minds as we decorate for Christmas is next year, but taking a little more time to organize while decorating can save time and hassle later on. If you’re going to be storing some decorations in their original boxes, labeling the boxes as you decorate makes packing them away later so much easier. There are usually big sales after Christmas on ornament and decor storage boxes and tubs. Take advantage of those before you take everything down this year.

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