Hi, dear decor8 readers. This is Anke, would you like some Easter inspiration for your celebrations this weekend? Great, because I’ve prepared some easy DIY-ideas for your cherished moments with family and friends that will take you mere moments to pull together.

Easter Brunch Tabletop on decor8

1. Branches

A big bunch of branches makes a beautiful eyecatcher on your Easter table. You can decorate them with paper (ornament) hangers or, yes, of course, Easter eggs! Maybe you would like to opt for apple, cherry or peach-twigs. If so and you want them to bloom in time for Easter make sure to cut the ends and change the water every day. I chose velvety willow catkins I found on the farmers’ market.

Easter Brunch Tabletop on decor8

2. Colored Eggs

The spectrum of possibilities to color eggs is huge. I actually like the natural method using vegetable juice very much and I saw beautiful results on pictures posted on the internet.
But I couldn’t resist a tutorial with nail polish in Living At Home Magazine. To get the marbled look one basically drips the polish in a bowl filled with water and lets the blown out eggs turn on the surface. I combined my green-colored Easter eggs with natural brown ones as I find the rich brown color very pretty.

Easter Brunch Tabletop on decor8

3. Place Cards

Those of you who have read my column before know that I appreciate decoration ideas that do not consume a lot of time, money and nerves but still impress. This idea popped up in my mind when I was beating the eggs for my Easter cake. Just fill eggshells with paper shreds to kind of create small Easter nests. Print the names of your guests onto paper and cut into narrow strips. Arrange the strips in the nests and finally embellish with a tender twig or flower. Done!

Easter Brunch Tabletop on decor8

4. Cake + Recipe

Easter is just the perfect occasion for an opulent cake if you ask me! For my layer cake, I combined two different recipes. I took one from „Style Sweet CA“ for the Vanilla Bean Butter Cake and one from „Not Without Salt“ for the Blood Orange Buttercream and I can highly recommend both!

Easter Brunch Tabletop on decor8Easter Brunch Tabletop on decor8

5. Cake Top Decor

Though it may not surprise you that decorating the cake with flowers and chocolate Easter eggs was my favorite part. Make sure you only use flowers suitable for foods. I chose ranunculus.

6 Easter Tabletop Ideas

6. Flower Posies

I always love little flower posies scattered around on my tabletop and side tables. Here are simply pussy willows, tulips and ranunculus, but they definitely give a very Easter feeling, don’t you think?

Easter Brunch Tabletop on decor86 DIY Easter Tabletop IDEAS and a gorgeous cake recipe

I am wishing you happy Easter holidays with your loved ones! Hopefully with sunny weather to go for a walk or an Easter egg hunt!


Love, Anke

(Text, styling, photography: Anke Illner)