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DIY bathroom storage ideas

Bathrooms are clutter hotbeds! Things just pile up and if you have kids then the clutter is even worse.

The trick to a tidy bathroom is having only what you need and having a place for each thing. Sounds obvious I know, yet so many of us don’t do this.  Sometimes that means adding a bit of extra storage and at other times that might mean re-organising what you have.

Getting organised in any room starts with decluttering and bathrooms are no different.  So if you haven’t done so already, you might find these tips for a clutter free bathroom a useful place to start. But if you’ve decluttered, now is the time to start organising your stuff and I’ve got some DIY bathroom storage ideas to help you do just that.

6 DIY bathroom storage ideas to stay organized

how to organise bathroom with no counter space

DIY bathroom crate storage

This DIY wooden crate idea is a simple way to organise things in the bathroom, especially if you don’t have enough counter space or storage.  Rather than leaving stuff lying around, all you need is a few wooden crates to organise everything. You can go as high as you need to with these crates but just remember to secure them to the wall if you use quite a few.  These ones are painted white but you could go with a natural wood look which makes this DIY even quicker.


diy toilet paper holder stand

DIY toilet paper stand

It’s always a good idea to have a few spare rolls of toilet paper to hand, right?  This slim DIY toilet paper stand is handy because it holds a fair few toilet rolls plus you can use it as a small table top for a plant or for something else. And if you have a small bathroom, this is especially handy as it measures just 8″ x 6″ (or 20 x 15 cms).


diy wall mounted toothbrush holder

DIY toothbrush holder

Anything that looks good, is easy to make and most importantly frees up space on bathroom countertops is a good thing.  That is exactly what these simple DIY toothbrush holders do.  And the added bonus is that you don’t have that gunky water which collects in a cup holder.


DIY bathroom storage with mirror

DIY bathroom organiser

Why spend a small fortune on a bathroom mirror and shelf when you can make it yourself?  I love that this simple DIY bathroom organiser has a mirror, a shelf, some hooks and a little toothbrush holder too.  I love the idea of this for a kids bathroom where you could make one for each child and you could even paint it in their favourite color


diy floating wood shelf

DIY bathroom shelves

Sometimes all you need is a few shelves to organise your bathroom stuff.  I particularly like floating shelves as they look light and airy as opposed to closed cabinets that can look bulky.  This DIY floating shelf come with added loops to store towels which is super handy in a small bathroom.  But if you don’t need them, just skip the loops and make more shelves instead.

medicine storage box diy
DIY medicine box

There isn’t a lot to do to make this DIY medicine box but it’s such a handy thing to have because medicines take up room in a bathroom and create clutter.  I’m not sure why we even keep medicines in the bathroom but if you do, it’s useful to keep them away from sight in a box.  Even better if you can move the box out of the bathroom altogether.  But if not, this kind of box will not only keep your medicines organised, but also make it easy to find what you need and free up space.

Which of these bathroom DIY’s will you try first?

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