The mid century trend is really popular right now, and the chandeliers from that dreamy era seem to inspired us more and more in decorating our home. So, here are six statement and popular examples of our favorite mid century chandeliers and some tricks to style them in your splendid home:

1. The Botti chandelier

In the shape of a group of trumpets, this amazing golden chandelier is that wow factor you need for your living space or dining area. Match it with brown elements for a retro vibe and a touch of class or in a black and white scenario with Hollywood framed pictures for a modern look.

2. Brubeck chandelier

Mixing pipes in different sizes, this super creative chandelier goes in any room of your home. It also comes in an oval, round or pendant shape and it will look fantastic in any mid century inspired home.

3. The atomic chandelier

Made from golden or black light bulbs that look like an atom, this ingenious chandelier will represent the statement item in any dining area or living area. Match it with statement chairs and creative framed pictures and paintings and you will have a room you will definitely adore.

4. Aretha chandelier

With a sophisticated shape, the Aretha chandelier is perfect for a mid-century or Parisian inspired home. It has a chic look that will make it pretty for a living space, kitchen or bedroom and of course it has that retro twist we love so much.

5. The cannonball chandelier

Looking like rays of sunshine, this amazing chandelier will transform any living space or bedroom in a fantastic room with elegant and mid-century accents. So, pair it with other golden elements and velvet details for a very stylish vibe.

6. Cosmos chandelier

This dreamy chandelier will make you think of the beautiful sky and the dreamy planets every time you stare at it. From black to, white or gold, this statement chandelier will make your home really stylish and creative, so pair it with a fancy dining table, some retro chairs and original art works.

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