57 Fascinating Gold Wedding Cakes

A gold wedding cake will give your wedding a glam touch, it’s ideal for many styles and color combinations – black and gold, peach and gold, gold and white and many others; rococo, baroque which is very fashionable now, even ultra-minimalist. Let’s take a look at some pretty and mouth-watering options!
All-Gold Wedding Cakes
If you really love gold and wanna add a touch of it to your wedding, a fully gold covered wedding cake will be a nice solution. It can be a refined patterned and textural wedding cake topped with fresh or sugar blooms and leaves, or a sleek and minimalist gold leaf wedding cake with no detailing – it all depends on the style of your wedding. Your cake can be gold, gold glitter or even gold leaf to shine bright, even textural gold leaf one, it will look very refined!

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