53 Eye-Catching Textured Accent Walls For Every Space

Making an accent wall is a hot décor trend and a cool way to accentuate your room. Such an accent is usually made with some contrasting paint or wallpaper with a different pattern but there’s an original idea – make it with textures! Of course, there are lots of textured wallpapers and various plastic and wooden panels from various designers, but you can also use natural stone, bricks and wood of any kind that you have – old doors, windows or just planks – they look awesome and natural. This is a great way to upcycle some old materials and make a very stylish statement in any of your rooms.
Wood Accent Walls
Wood is the most popular material to make statement walls, and the number of options is endless: you may go for a textural weathered and aged wood plank wall, a sleek wooden slab wall in some color, a shiplap wall in a bold shade, a wood slice and even weathered driftwood piece wall to bring much texture to the space. If you prefer a catchy and bold look, try wood shingles in some neural stain, and a fabulous look is guaranteed.

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