Although many may think they are just stylish containers to showcase wine, decanters are actually an invaluable tool that ensures wine drinkers get the best out of every blend and bottle. Not to be confused with a carafe, which is a serving vessel depicted by its tall, straight body, decanters are traditionally bowl shaped with a tapered neck and work by exposing wine to oxygen. This simple process relaxes tannins and teases out flavors, such as fruits and florals, that would have otherwise been missed. So yes, a stylish container, but one that can make a $10 bottle of wine taste much more expensive!


Sailboat Shaped Wine Decanter: Bring a bit of old world charm in to the modern era with this fun, sailboat decanter. With its extra large size, this ship should have no problem taking aboard the whole bottle!


Scandinavian Wine Decanter With Stopper: A decanter that is sure to bring some elegance to the table with its soft shape and spherical stopper. A design like this will never go out of style.

$200BUY IT

Duo Decanter: A duo decanter for when you just can’t choose. This eye-catching piece will please both the red wine and white wine drinkers in your home!


Globe Shaped Wine Decanter: A bit of air with your wine and maybe a bit of worldly wisdom. An excellent gift for a wine lover that loves to travel.


Crystal Glass Scorpio Wine Decanter: Modern decanters come in a variety of captivating shapes and this one is a perfect example. Made with crystal, this piece will give any wine a unique flair.


Swan Shaped Wine Decanter: Red, white, or rose, this decanter will look stunning either way. A timeless design that will age well with any decor.


Curvy Glass Wine Decanter: This curvy, glass decanter is like a modern lava lamp. Those captivating curves not only look great though, they assist in moving the wine around during the pour to provide superior aeration and oxygenation.

$422BUY IT

Handmade Crystal Decanter: Aptly named the Boa Decanter, this twisty serpent is handmade using crystal. With its dual chamber function, any wine that flows through this beauty will get double decanted and consequently intensively aerated.

$444BUY IT

Riedel Horse Decanter: Alright, so this one doesn’t seem quite as aptly named as the Boa Decanter, that is, until you realize what a work horse this gem is. This simplistic showpiece fits a whopping 62 1/4 oz!

$422BUY IT

Riedel Eve Decanter: This snake-like design with a double chamber provides optimal aeration and is absolutely captivating with its unusual shape. A decanter that is sure to impress.

$499BUY IT

Horn Shaped Glass Decanter: This horn shaped glass decanter is a must-have for music lovers. Particularly those that enjoy a good glass of wine!


Tear Drop Shaped Wine Decanter: A crystal stunner that is mouth blown and hand cut. Finished off with a simple, tear drop stopper.


Eva Solo Wine Decanter Carafe: If you want efficiency then the Eva Solo Wine Decanter is what you need. The top metal mechanism drips the wine down the sides of the glass and when you are done, it can be cleaned in the dishwasher. It doesn’t get much easier!

$4875BUY IT

Luxury Glass Decanter Set: Oozing with vintage charisma, this colorful set offers a rainbow of decanting possibilities. A stunning collection that will display your wines and liquors in style.

$100BUY IT

Ravenscroft Crystal Alias Decanter With Funnel: If your pour is a bit shaky, then this funnel top will save you a lot of clean up! It comes with the 54 oz container and a removable glass funnel.


Decanter With Glass Set: Geometrically chic, this set is a fantastic find at this price point. The under $100 purchase price includes everything but the liquor!

$120BUY IT

Ship In A Barrel Wine Decanter: Take your journey in to the world of decanting with this unique ship in a bottle. The wooden base and pour tap make this option very user friendly with no heavy lifting.


Bull Shaped Crystal Wine Decanter: We’ve heard of running with the bulls, but drinking with them? This novelty decanter is a dream mix of fun and functional.


Dog Shaped Decanter: An affordable decanter for all you wine drinking, dog lovers out there. There is nothing quite like this pooch.

$480BUY IT

Glass Octopus Wine Decanter: This lamp-blown octopus decanter is the work of master glass artist, Simone Crestani. Pair this decanter with our earlier sailboat and you can have the start of quite the quirky collection!

$110BUY IT

Steampunk Style Octopus Decanter Made Of Glass & Bronze: Infuse your wine with a splash of steampunk style. This unusual octopus decanter comes as a set with everything pictured above.

$300BUY IT

Whale Shaped Wine Decanter: This whale looks like he is having a wonderful time with so much delicious wine in his belly! The decanter and funnel have been uniquely adorned in pewter, giving this set a modern and dynamic look.


Portable Electric Wine Decanter: Throttling wine in to the modern era is this electric decanter. Traditional decanting can take up to 3 hours! But with this battery operated system, you can have aerated wine in mere minutes.


One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator: Instant aeration that takes wine directly from the bottle to your glass! This one-touch pump system is not only quick, but it is the only aerator designed to keep wine sediment in the bottom of the bottle and not in your glass.


Small Wine Decanter: An amazing option for those who want instant aeration without a hefty price tag. Simply place this aerator over your glass and pour.

$1180BUY IT

Skull in a Bottle Wine Decanter: A little bit of sophistication mixed with rebellion. This skull decanter is available in Clear, Black, or Gold (shown).


Klein Bottle Decanter: A decanter that will delight any mathematician, physicist, or science buff. With an opening only at the bottom, the Klein bottle decanter is a great conversation starter.


Stylish Curvy Wine Decanter: A curvy wine decanter with high style and a low price tag. Made of high-quality glass, this decanter holds 34 oz.

$190BUY IT

Riedel Black Tie Bliss Decanter: Making great use of negative space, this Riedel decanter is quite the find. Handmade with fine crystal accented in black.

$102BUY IT

Spinning Wine Decanter With No-Drip Collar: This build reminiscent of a child’s spinning top isn’t just for looks (although we think it looks pretty snazzy!). It was actually designed this way to maximize aeration. This decanter also features a no-drip collar, so no wine will go to waste.


Crystal Decanter With Stainless Steel Decanting Mechanism: This crystal carafe becomes a decanter when fitted with a stainless steel decanting mechanism. A simple and efficient way to mellow out those tannins.


Wooden Decanter With Stand: Leave the heavy lifting to these guys with this teak, wood barrel decanter. Funnel is not included but recommended. Holds approximately one liter.


Conical Flask Shaped Wine Decanting Carafe: This flask shaped wine decanter is an award-winning design that fits up to 2 bottles of wine. With a top that retains wine, stone, and cork residues, all while sporting a drip-free spout, we can see why!


Winebreather Carafe: No-mess aeration. Place the Winebreather Carafe Deluxe over your bottle neck and flip it once and serve your wine from the decanter – or flip it twice and serve the wine in its original bottle. Either way you get 10 times the oxygen!


Iceberg Wine Decanter: This iceberg wine decanter has a modern design that will appeal to those who like a little unexpected flair. With a small iceberg peeking up from the bottom of the bottle, we suggest keeping any ship decanters away, unless you want a re-enactment of the Titanic.


Grapes In A Decanter: This lead-free crystal decanter doesn’t just have grapes on the bottom to look stylish, but to aid in aeration. This bottle is also easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe.


Stormtrooper Wine Decanter: Join the troops today with a highly affordable stormtrooper decanter. The perfect gift for lovers of wine and the dark side.


PUBG Level 3 Helmet Shaped Decanter: For less than half the price of the game, get your own Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds level 3 helmet. Not tested for bullets, but perfect for wine or your favorite beverage!


Wide Bottomed Wine Decanter With Glass Stopper: This wide neck decanter is an elegant choice for those on a budget. It is handmade in Europe with the finest lead-free crystal.

$550BUY IT

Riedel Twenty Twelve Decanter: A dragon shaped decanter with a fierce design that includes a red and black stripe. Aesthetically stunning, especially when filled with red wine!


Ravenscroft Crystal Glorious Decanter: The bottom looks like a simple brandy glass, but the rest of this design is brilliantly unique. Made with lead-free crystal that requires hand washing.


Zombie Head Decanter: Zombies would snack on the inside of your head in a heartbeat, so it is only fair that you get to drink out of theirs! A budget buy that makes a magnificent gift for zombie fanatics.


Sempli Monti-Decanter: This versatile decanter was created by designer, Daniele Semeraro. A simple and functional piece that integrates effortlessly with modern decor.


Top-of-the-bottle Wine Decanter: This top-of-the-bottle decanter is made for those with minimal space. The drip-free design fits on any bottle and comes with a stopper for in-between uses.

$199BUY IT

Riedel Black Tie Smile Decanter: An inverted heart shape paired with colorful stripes makes the Black Tie Smile decanter an eye-catching choice that is easy to grip and pour. Available in 4 colors.


Modern Stylish Wine Decanter: This eternity wine decanter features a minimalist, modern design that is sure to match with any decor. Available in 6 sizes.

$210BUY IT

VINO Gemstone Vial & Decanter System: Using amethysts in wine is an ancient tradition that is infrequently practiced in the modern world, that is, until the VINO Gemstone Decanter System! Enclosed with several amethysts, this decanter infuses wine with not only air but gemstone energy, which creates a powerful flavor enhancement.


Tuscany Wine Decanter: No frills or bells and whistles. This modern decanter does its job with simplistic, modern style.

$100BUY IT

The Treble Wine Decanter: A treble wine decanter that is a must-have for music and wine enthusiasts. Its oversized capacity holds 2 bottles!


Personalized Decanter: Make it personal with an initialed wine decanter. Personalized with the engraved letter of your choice, this is a great gift for a hostess!

$9660BUY IT

Bishop of Norwich Wine Glasses and Decanter: A luxury decanter set made with solid brass based glassware presented on an elongated wooden tray. This is a limited edition set, only 12 will be made!

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