If you want your home to feel cozy, elegant, chic, or all of the above, then a fireplace is what you need. Fireplaces are no longer just a way to heat your home, but rather a poignant design choice that sets the tone of a room. We have come a long way from traditional wood burning fireplaces and today there are more options than ever. From plug and play electric to easy start natural gas to clean-burning bio-ethanol. The possibilities are endless! So, whether you are looking to have a romantic get together beside a few glowing embers or yearning to enjoy a book in front of a roaring flame, there is a fireplace for that and we’ve found it for you!


Modern Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace: Fashionably wedged between two panes of glass may be a bit nontraditional for a fire, but it does make for a stunningly modern fireplace. This ethanol fireplace can sit directly on your tabletop, is portable, and will cost you under $100.

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Small Round Table Top Ethanol Fireplace: This tabletop ethanol fireplace may be small, but it has big style. With a cylindrical glass enclosure fitted atop a steely base, this is one modern tidbit that will look fierce anywhere you put it. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Fuoco Small Tabletop Gel Fire Pit: A tiny fire pit that makes us want to break out some mini marshmallows! This gel fire bowl has a 2 hour burn time and is ideal for outdoor use.

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Free-standing Bio Ethanol Fire place with Glass Sides: Get extra cozy with a freestanding, bio-ethanol fireplace. A modern glass enclosure encapsulates the flames of this beauty to create a fireplace that can be seen from all sides.


Modern Portable Bio Ethanol Fireplace In Stainless Steel: Glass and stainless steel are the killer combo that create this portable, bio-ethanol fireplace. If stainless steel isn’t your style though, this model is also available in Black or White. A must-have for those who want to enjoy a fire without the commitment of a built-in.

$190BUY IT

Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace: Portable, smokeless, odorless, non-toxic, non-polluting, and chic. What more can you ask for from your fireplace!? This tabletop, ethanol fireplace features real flames that provide both ambiance and warmth.


PuraFlame Octavia Portable Electric Fireplace Heater: A portable, electric fireplace with style and purpose. Featuring a life-like flame effect and heater, this fireplace can heat up to 400 sq. feet. A great addition to the cottage or trailer for the cooler evenings or seasons. Available in Red, White, and Black (shown).

$298BUY IT

Freestanding Ventless Ethanol Fireplace: This fashion forward fireplace has a streamlined and sleek design that will appeal to contemporary and modern homes. It can burn for around 5 hours and puts out 6,000 BTUs of heat.

$723BUY IT

Dual Flame Modern Minimalist Bio Ethanol Fireplace: Two is better than one. This dual flame fireplace has a minimalist design, but that doesn’t mean it will just fade into the background. A fireplace like this, with its thick black surround and double flame, is sure to get noticed in whichever room you put it. A burn time of 5-9 hours and 6,000 BTUs per burner.

$597BUY IT

Dual Flame Wall Hanging Modern Fireplace: If you have a lack of table or floor space, then a wall hanging fireplace is an amazing option. This dual flame fireplace is completely vent free, making it perfect for any contemporary or modern home. Burn time of 4-6 hours, 12,000 BTUs.

$249BUY IT

Wall Mounted Bio-Ethanol Fireplace: The wall sconce gets a modern makeover with this wall mounted, bio-ethanol fireplace. This design is a beautiful way to add luxury and warmth to any indoor wall. With this model you can also adjust the flame strength and height.

$699BUY IT

Modern Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace: If you don’t like the idea of an actual fire in your home, then an LED fireplace like this one is what you need. The LEDs of this model create a realistic flame (adjustable to multiple colors), while the heater throws off heat. A great way to create the experience of a fire, without the hazards.

$146BUY IT

36 Inch Wall Mount Electric Fireplace: An affordable, electric fireplace that will infuse any room with warmth and elegance. This fireplace features two heat modes, wall mounting accessories, a removable floor stand, and adjustable flame brightness. Plus, the flame effect can be used without the heater, making it ideal for any season.

$170BUY IT

Wall Mount Fireplace With LED Glow & Remote: Add a splash of warmth and color with this modern, electric fireplace. It comes with a remote, so you can control it right from your bed or couch!

$900BUY IT

Modern Wall Hanging Fireplace: A modern fireplace that takes a vertical approach to stand out from the crowd. Scaling up the wall, this fireplace is ideal for smaller rooms. It heats up to 200 sq. feet with a maximum of 5,500 BTUs.

$123BUY IT

Curved Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace: A curved glass front gives this wall mounted fireplace the modern aesthetic that so many homes crave. Measuring 20.5” H x 25.6” W x 4.5” D, it is especially great for smaller rooms.

$260BUY IT

Long Wall Mount Electric Fireplace With Crystal And Remote: Long and lean, this crystal rock fireplace comes with a remote and tons of modern appeal. Build it into a wall, like seen above, for a look that is irrefutably elegant and chic. Comes in 3 sizes.

$1024BUY IT

Narrow Bezel Electric Fireplace Insert: An electric fireplace is exactly what your TV wall needs. This narrow fireplace features clean lines, a remote, realistic flame, sleep timer, and a controllable thermostat.

$1660BUY IT

Wall Mounted Floating Electric Fireplace: If you love the aesthetic of floating shelves, then you are going to adore this fireplace. No heavy construction required. Just mount and plug!

$330BUY IT

Modern Wall Hanging Fireplace With Thick Black Frame: Make your fireplace stand out with a thick black frame. This modern, wall hanging fireplace is a surefire to create a statement. Also available with a White finish.

$239BUY IT

TV Console Table With Electric Fireplace: A TV console with a slight twist. If you lack the room for a fireplace, then a fireplace TV console could be the perfect solution. This one features 2 storage cabinets and is available in Black, White, Cherry, Distressed Gray Oak, and Gray (shown).

$1660BUY IT

Modern TV Stand With Long Inbuilt Fireplace: Another TV stand with a built-in fireplace. This ultra-modern design features open shelving, hidden cabinets, and built-in speakers! Also available in Black.

$332BUY IT

Modern Electric Fireplace Insert with Remote Control:. With life-like logs, a brick motif backing, and glass front, this fireplace is modern meets classic. Embody the look and feel of a traditional fireplace without all the hassles of wood, cleaning, and fire risk. Available in 3 sizes.

$260BUY IT

Electric Fireplace For Recessed Wall Mounting: Make your fireplace modern and low-maintenance with this wall mounted fireplace. It requires no gas, special venting, or chimney. It is available in 3 sizes and even features an auto over-heat protection switch for safety.


Bio Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert: Insert a bit of of modern fun into any design with a fireplace burner. Marked for both indoor and outdoor use, this bio-ethanol burner has the ability to warm any room up to 550 sq. feet.

$2499BUY IT

Modern 3 Sided Electric Fireplace: A 3 sided fireplace that can be used indoors, outdoors, even in bathrooms. Comes with a remote and the ability to change the flame to a multitude of colors. Heats 400 -500 sq. feet.

$1400BUY IT

Modern Novelty Fireplace: A contemporary twist on the traditional bonfire. This unusual fireplace has a central burner that runs on bio-ethanol.

$3999BUY IT

Vauni Cupola Fireplace: A wall mounted fireplace that is hard to miss! The curvaceous allure of the Vauni Cupola Fireplace will complement both traditional and modern interiors. Available in 7 colors.

$2899BUY IT

Vani Globe Free Standing Fireplace: Setting the design world on fire is this free standing globe fireplace. The Globe will help infuse any room with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Available in 7 colors with multiple liner choices.

$2590BUY IT

Small Modern Freestanding Square Fireplace: A striking modern fireplace that feels like a work of art with its floating burner and bottom display shelf. Powered with clean-burning, eco-friendly bio-ethanol.

$2800BUY IT

Malm Fireplace: Used in iconic, modern spaces worldwide, the Malm freestanding fireplace is pretty much a celebrity in the world of fireplaces. Unlike traditional, wood-burning stoves, this one gives you a clear view of the fire from a variety of angles. It is available in White, Stainless Steel, or Black (shown).

$24000BUY IT

Filiofocus Ceiling Mounted Fireplace From Focus: Go big or go home! This ceiling mounted fireplace is available with both a wood burning or gas fuel option.

UnknownBUY IT

Elements 4 Room Divider Fireplace: A see-through fireplace that is perfect for dividing walls. By utilizing the E-Save Control System, this fireplace can save up to 45% on fuel consumption. Plus, you can gear the aesthetic of this fireplace towards your design preferences by picking between logs, crystals or pebbles for the bottom.

$1800BUY IT

Eco-Feu Paramount Room Divider Fireplace: A fireplace that can be enjoyed from an array of angles. The multiple finished sides of this fireplace make it well-suited for either free-standing placement on the floor or as an insert at the end of a dividing wall (shown). Also available in Matte Black.

$4700BUY IT

Stainless Steel Finish Double Sided Wall Mounted Fireplace: With this double sided fireplace you will never have to sacrifice style for warmth! This sleek piece runs on bio-ethanol and puts out a whopping 33500 BTUs.

From $5276BUY IT

Large Room Divider Fireplaces: Enjoy the fire from either side with this stunning wall available in 7 sizes. The glass panes of this peninsula wall will keep your floor plan airy and flowing, all while providing the division that you need.

$1700BUY IT

Ceiling Mounting Bio-Ethanol Fireplace: A modern fireplace that is space efficient and stylish. This ceiling mounted bio-ethanol fireplace is available in two sizes.

$12705BUY IT

Suspended Rotating Fireplace: This suspended fireplace will be a minimalist showpiece whether you hang it outdoors or indoors. This design is uniquely rotatable, giving the user the ability to direct heat towards or away from any area. Also available in a White finish.

$280BUY IT

Propane Outdoor Firepit: Bring the party outdoors with this propane powered fire pit. The perfect place for intimate gatherings, good conversations, and maybe a few marshmallows. Includes a cover, as well as a handle for easy transportation.

$1700BUY IT

Rectangular Modern Concrete Fire Pit Table: This cozy, contemporary fireplace is a must have for those cool nights on the patio. Enjoy as glass of wine or gaze up at the stars while enjoying the warmth of a crackling fire. This fire pit table is made with stained concrete and includes crystals that come in multiple colors.

$3692BUY IT

Large Modern Outdoor Concrete Fireplace : The reinforced concrete of this outdoor fireplace is durable and long-lasting with a stain resistant finish. The perfect piece to add a bit of elegance and warmth (literally!) to your patio setup. Available in 3 finishes with a bio-ethanol or natural gas burner.

$796BUY IT

Round Bowl Shaped Fireplace: With a bowl of snacks, a bowl of punch, and this bowl of fire, you have yourself an outdoor party! An attractive and functional addition to outdoor living, this fire bowl features a durable, concrete build available in 2 sizes and multiple finishes.

$1650BUY IT

Modern Urban Outdoor Fireplace: Bring some color to the backyard with this urban, metal fireplace. Available in multiple colors, including Maraschino, Azure, Avocado and Tangerine (shown).

$170BUY IT

Natural Stone Gas Fire Pit for Backyard Or Patio: No more gathering wood for that outdoor fire! Keep it simple and stylish with this natural stone gas fire pit. With the turn of a knob you can have a fire blazing and s’mores cooking!

$160BUY IT

Personalized Fireplace Grate: Already have a fireplace, but want to give it some extra pizzazz? Get you family name up in lights with this metal grate. Custom made with your family name from recycled metal.

$2550BUY IT

Horses Fire Pit: We all know you shouldn’t horse around near fire, but there are exceptions! This unique horse fire pit is a work of art that horse lovers won’t want to miss. It is a hand cut piece that is available in 2 sizes.

$2175BUY IT

Forest Fire Pit: The only time you will be excited to have a forest fire in your backyard! This sculptural fire pit is handmade, so it is guaranteed to be unique. Available in two sizes.

$2095BUY IT

Rising Phoenix Shaped Fire Pit: Symbolizing strength and rebirth, this Phoenix rising fire pit is a true conversation piece. Available in 3 sizes and includes a lifetime warranty.

$2125BUY IT

Angel Fire Pit: A unique memorial piece for your backyard. A reminder of lost loved ones and guardian angels in the form of a fire pit. Designed and created by the unbelievably talented artist, Melissa Crisp.

$2795BUY IT

Dragon Fire Pit: An illusion of dragon’s breath sets this fire pit ablaze with a dance of shadow and light. This piece is handmade using American steel and offers free shipping within the United States.

From $415BUY IT

More Cool Firepits: Tons of other sculptural fire pits are available! With over 25 designs, there is a unique fire pit for every backyard.

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