Traditionally used to reduce discomfort from excessive heat, shield from sparks, and make sure little humans and pets don’t get too close, fireplace screens are undoubtedly a great safety accessory. But did you know that nowadays they are also a fierce design tool that can transform the feel of an entire room? A fireplace screen or firescreen has the ability to instantaneously change the look and feel of your fireplace, often with minimal effort. From offbeat, stained glass firescreens to elegant, scrolling fireplace screens, there is something to enhance any style décor. Truly the perfect way to add flair to any interior design project!


3 Panel Tin Decorative Fireplace Screen: A simple way to infuse some glamour into your home. This gold fireplace screen with its simplistic, herringbone pattern can effortlessly be added to any fireplace.

$347BUY IT

Gold Finish Mid-Century Style Fireplace Screens: Give your fireplace the Midas touch with a stylish, gold fireplace screen. This Mid-Century style screen is great to add a bit of glam to both Traditional and Modern fireplaces.

$209BUY IT

Beautiful Arch Shaped 3 Panel Fireplace Screen: A small tree with flowing branches sets this fireplace panel apart from the crowd. This iron screen has been handpainted in a silver-leaf finish and also features a finer mesh to keep sparks at bay.

$249BUY IT

Decorative Gold Branches Fireplace Screen: A sculptural option that will help make your fireplace the focal point of any room. These handpainted branches have been topped off with a luminous gold finish. Please note, unless you want a mini forest fire in your home, this fireplace screen is for decorative use or use with gas logs only.


Decorative Star Patterned Fireplace Screen With Gold-Silver Finish: A fireplace screen that is both modern and budget-friendly. This iron, star patterned beauty has been finished with textural gold and silver.


Circle Patterned Fireplace Screen: The simple, overlapping circle pattern and matte black finish of this fireplace screen make it both stylish and versatile. Whether you are looking to screen and enhance a modern or vintage fireplace, this is a great option!

$230BUY IT

Cast Iron Hinged Door Fireplace Screen With Steel Frame: Open sesame! Made with cast iron and metal, this fireplace screen has hinged doors for easy access. No more moving a full fireplace screen to get to your fire.

$200BUY IT

Small Geometric Patterned Fireplace Screen: Another hinged fireplace screen, but this time with an eye-catching quatrefoil pattern. An unexpected and stylish way to add geometric patterning to your interior design.

$297BUY IT

Art Deco Style Fireplace Screen: With forged iron finished in lightly antiqued gold leaf, this fireplace screen is sleek and fabulous. A must-have for those embracing elegant, Art Deco style decor.


Fleur De Lis Fireplace Screen: With a central panel that features a large fleur-de-lis, this tri-fold fireplace screen will make a big statement in any room. Constructed with iron, sheet metal, and metal mesh.

$113BUY IT

Gold Finish Fleur De Lis Decorative Fireplace Screen: If you love fleur de lis home decor, give this gold finish fireplace screen a try. A sturdy and ornate screen that will enhance your fire with extra flair.


Two Tone Black Fireplace Screen With Gold Ornaments: Transform your fireplace into a showpiece with this ornate, two tone firescreen. The black iron contrasting against the golden ornaments on this screen help make it rather unforgettable.

$387BUY IT

Art Nouveau Style Decorative Fireplace Screen: This Art Nouveau style fireplace screen is an old world stunner that is both beautiful and functional. Designed with a fine mesh backing to catch embers and embellished with ornate scroll work to catch your eye.


Tree Shaped Decorative Fireplace Screen: This fireplace screen gives of a distinct, earthy vibe with its gold and bronze tree design. A nature-inspired piece that everyone is sure to notice.

$170BUY IT

Tree of Life Metal Fireplace Screen with Door: This tree will breathe new life into your fireplace with its strong silhouette. An unexpected and poignant way to incorporate a bit of nature into your living space.

$200BUY IT

Small Mountain Cabin Hearth Fireplace Screen with Single Door: Get comfy cozy with this single door fireplace screen that depicts a quaint cottage. Not only is it adorable, but it also provides maximum protection with a design that sits flush against the opening of the fireplace.


Rustic Forest Folding Fireplace Screen: This wrought iron fireplace screen has been finished in a weathered bronze to create its signature, rustic finish. Featuring multiple silhouettes of trees, mountains, and deer, it is perfect for a cottage or cabin fireplace.

$100BUY IT

Rustic Style Folding Fireplace Screen: This fireplace screen design is sure to appeal to both nature lovers and fans of the decorative, rustic style. A welcome addition to any outdoor themed room, cabin, or cottage.


Western Style Fireplace Screen: Giddy up! Make your fireplace fun and bold with this western fireplace screen. A design piece that effortlessly fits with ranch or rustic decor.


Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen With Decorative Mesh Cover: Keep it simple, affordable, and classic. This wrought iron fireplace screen will keep the sparks in, all while keeping children and animals out.


Peacock Fireplace Screen: Art isn’t just for walls anymore! Infuse your space with vibrant metallics by incorporating a peacock fireplace screen. Constructed with long lasting, sturdy iron.

$106BUY IT

Gold Finish Birds On Branches Fireplace Screen: Make it feel like spring all year long with this unique bird and branch fireplace screen. A great way to add beauty and interest to your fireplace.

$297BUY IT

Silver Finish Bird & Branch Firescreen: Lend your fireplace some extra glow with the 5 votives fused to this nature-inspired fireplace screen. An extra stylish way to keep those embers in your fireplace.

$211BUY IT

“Birds on a Wire” Stained Glass Fireplace Screen: You’ve heard of birds on a wire, what about birds on a fire? Made with 541 hand cut pieces of copper-foiled, stained glass, this Tiffany style fireplace screen is sure to enhance any fireplace with an array of colors.


Vineyard Estate Grapevines Fireplace Screen: The tri-fold construction of this grape motif firescreen allows you to place it in front of any fireplace with ease. Constructed with iron, sheet metal, and metal mesh.


Colorful Leaves Fireplace Screen: Keep your fireplace vibrant and colorful with this metallic beauty. This fireplace screen features gradient leaves, an iron frame, and unmatched style.

$473BUY IT

Fireplace Screen With Decorative Flowers: An everlasting cluster of flowers. Capture the beauty of florals all year long with a flower fireplace screen. This handpainted screen can be used either indoors or outdoors.

$199BUY IT

Antique Style Decorative Fireplace Screen: Bring a bit of antiquated charm to your fireplace with this decorative fireplace screen. A traditional design that accents a variety of decor styles.

$280BUY IT

Intricate Patterned Decorative Contemporary Fireplace Screen: Give your fireplace a decorative touch. This golden beauty is a sure fire way to incorporate a bit of contemporary goodness into your home.


Victorian Style Decorative Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen: A Victorian- inspired design graces the face of this fireplace screen. With a wrought iron construction and intricate design, it is sure to elevate any fireplace to the next level.

$460BUY IT

Gold Finish Victorian Style Fireplace Screen With Scrolls: A gold finish fireplace screen that will effortlessly harmonize with any Victorian decor. It’s luminescent, scrolling design and unique shape lend it a distinct, ornate quality that many fireplaces would benefit from.

$308BUY IT

Floral Themed Fireplace Screen: An antique, rust finish with select bronze highlights make this floral themed fireplace screen a mix of fun and elegant. A wonderfully ornate piece for those who don’t want to compromise safety for style.

$414BUY IT

Customized Monogrammed Fireplace Screen: Make it personal with a custom, monogrammed fireplace screen. Made for homes that want to add a romantic aesthetic to the hearth of their fireplace.

$595BUY IT

Hand Forged Hammered Iron Fireplace Screen: Keep your flame well contained with a hammered iron fireplace screen. Handcrafted and sturdy, each screen features two handles on the top rail, so you can easily move it aside to work the fire.

$238BUY IT

Industrial Style Fireplace Screen With Rivets: This industrial style fireplace screen is made with aged steel, giving it a raw, medieval feel. The exposed, aged rivets and rugged metal frame is the perfect enhancement for any rustic fireplace.


Fireplace Mesh Curtain: If you like the idea of a fireplace screen for safety reasons, but don’t like the idea of moving around anything bulky, then mesh curtains are a great alternative. Simply swipe them aside for easy access and then close them up to contain any embers and sparks.


Four Fold Arch Shaped Decorative Fireplace Screen: Make your fireplace unique and elegant with a four fold fireplace screen. Ideal for both traditional and modern homes that are looking for a more elegant aesthetic.

$895BUY IT

Contemporary Metallic Fireplace Screen With Decorative Pattern: Dress your fireplace up with a metallic firescreen. Inspired by l’Institut du monde arabe à Paris, each screen is hand welded and beautifully ornate.

$249BUY IT

Modern Fireplace Screen: Instantly transform your fireplace with this contemporary firescreen that includes a lifetime warranty. Recommended for decorative or gas burning fireplaces.

$196BUY IT

Modern Abstract Silver Fireplace Screen: An abstract pattern in antiquated silver leaf will leave your fireplace feeling modern and fresh. An heirloom quality fireplace screen that is handpainted and hand finished.


Single Door Copper Finish Fireplace Screen: A single panel firescreen that will embellish your fireplace with a modern take on the open, basket weave pattern. A great way to add flair to your fireplace for under $100.

$245BUY IT

3 Panel Contemporary Copper-Finish Large Fireplace Screen: A contemporary copper fireplace screen that will cover your fireplace with ease with its tri-fold design. Also available in Gold and Black.

$1155BUY IT

Modern Organic Patterned Silver Fireplace Screen: Modern art makes its way to the fireplace with this silver firescreen. Sure to make an impression anywhere it is placed with its organic shapes and brushed nickel finish.

$120BUY IT

Intricate Patterned Beautiful Fireplace Screen: A great alternative look for those who are looking for something with an offbeat appeal. This perforated, metal firescreen will light up beautifully when placed in front of your fireplace.

$384BUY IT

Contemporary Decorative Fireplace Screen With Gold Chain Pattern: Rustic and dramatic, this gold fireplace screen features a chain pattern stretched across a single, freestanding panel. Fitted with a fine mesh backing and hinged feet, it is as practical as it is beautiful.

$4690BUY IT

Selenite Fireplace Sculpture: If you don’t want to deal with the muss and fuss of a traditional fire, try fitting your fireplace with a luxury fireplace sculpture. Not only does this piece look divinely contemporary, but it is also safer than an open flame for homes with children and animals. Made of natural selenite crystals.

$417BUY IT

Small Fireplace Candelabrum: If your fireplace is no longer in use, try putting a candelabrum inside to create a modern showpiece. When lit, the 10 candles will create a romantic glow that will surely add a little ambiance to the room. Also available in a smaller, 6 candle size.

$220BUY IT

Small Glass Fireplace Screen With Door: Add both syle and function to your fireplace with the Alpine Fireplace Glass Door. With this fireplace screen you can reduce heat loss up the chimney by 90%! For masonry fireplaces only. Available in 3 sizes.

$224BUY IT

Fireplace Screen With Glass Doors: With most fireplace screens being constructed of metal, this contemporary glass one is sure to stand out! The glass doors of this screen allow for an unimpeded view of your fire, as well as easy access. Comes in 3 finishes, Black, Stainless Steel, and Polished Brass.

$332BUY IT

Modern Minimalist Glass Fireplace Screen: A minimalist treat. This glass fireplace screen is simple and chic with its freestanding design, stainless feet, and singular glass panel with rounded corners.

$170BUY IT

Outdoor Fire Pit Screen: Firescreens aren’t just for inside! Fit your firepit with this retractable dome to keep sparks at bay. Comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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