Planters are so much fun! They’re just the perfect combination of interior decor and low-maintenance gardening, easy to incorporate just about anywhere that needs a splash of greenery. This post has a pretty specific theme – we’ve tracked down 50 of the cutest animal-themed planters we could find, sure to delight animal lovers and green thumbs alike. While most of these planters take on a miniature form well suited to air plants and tiny cacti, we’ve tried to include a few larger sizes for your favorite flowers and houseplants too. Don’t forget to check out our big list of self-watering planters to complete your collection.

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Elephant Planter: This hand-painted elephant features carefully gilded tusks to delight its owner with a touch of luxury. The elephant itself is plastic for durability and the paint enjoys a protective finish for longevity.

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Elephant Shaped Planter: Simple and stylish, this adorable planter is perfect for a minimalist interior. Its porcelain body includes a drainage hole to accommodate a wide variety of plants.

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Minimalist Elephant Shaped Planter:Now here’s the ultimate minimalist elephant form. These super-streamlined planters are also available shaped like cats, rhinos, dogs, and more.

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Cute Fox Planters: Imagine these tucked alongside cozy decorations in a Scandinavian-inspired home! Each one is handmade from start to finish.

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Tiny Fox Head Planter: Fuzzy yarn conceals a plastic pot to hold a tiny succulent, but the cheerfully clever fox face is sure to steal the show. You can even coordinate with your decor by selecting from one of the 28 colors the artist offers!

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Cute Fox Ceramic Planter: Use this sweet little planter as a catchall or fill with stones or soil and cultivate your own miniature garden. The drainage hole makes it ideal for outdoor use, too.

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Cat Planter: Of course, we wouldn’t leave the cat fans out of the fun. The little bell is irresistible!

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Cat With A Heart Planter: Tall enough to hold pens or other utensils, this loving kitty is sure to capture the attention (and hearts) of your guests. This ceramic planter would make an incredible housewarming gift for the cat owner in your life.

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Cute Planter With Cat: This cat sits on a perch attached to the edge of a white ceramic shell so it looks like it’s hiding in your new miniature garden.

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Tiny Stretching Cat Planters: Isn’t this the cutest cat butt you’ve ever seen? Available with or without the ribbon, a pair of these charismatic planters would make a lovely wedding or anniversary gift.

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Tiny Kitty Planters: Kawaii kitties with sweet expressions – these little planters are hard to pass up. The artist is open to customizing the colors (including the eyes) so you can match your interior or pay homage to your favorite pet.

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Tiny Cat Faces Planters: Felted planters are such a nice choice for a cozy home. These sleepy kitties with heart-shaped noses would look amazing in a bedroom or next to your favorite reading nook.

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Silly Dog Planter: So much personality! This set includes all three planters, each one shaped like a dog with super silly ears and individual expressions.

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Dog Planter: Terrier owners are sure to love this one. This curious puppy will protect your favorite small plants or succulents with the loyalty only a canine could muster.

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Tiny Dog Head Planter: Like all of the yarn planters from this artist, this piece is available in 28 different colors so you can match your pet or your decor.

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Cute Painted Dog Planters: These metal sculptures would look right at home in an eclectic garden or guarding a sunny balcony. They’re just so unique and fun! Each pot is 4 inches across to hold small plants.

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Dachshund Planter: And here’s a large size planter for dachshund owners! The sturdy rustic style would look nice in a traditionally decorated home or just about any garden.

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Dachshund With Butterfly Planter: Just the right size for small plants or a whole landscape of succulents, this incredibly detailed stone-effect planter really stands out. The butterfly perched on the nose makes it extra memorable.

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Rabbit Planter: Minimalistic and smooth, this round white rabbit-shaped planter includes a drainage hole and removable tray to keep your succulents or small plants healthy.

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Bunny Planter: This chubby realistic rabbit is weighty and large, perfect for use outdoors. And the calm expression is so sweet! He’s ready to make sure every day feels like springtime in your garden.

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Hedgehog Planter: With a 3-inch space to place your plants, this hipster hedgehog makes up for his small size by having a huge personality. It would make a cool penholder for your office or library, too.

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Safari Animal Planters: Moving into untamed territory, these safari-themed animal planters will turn your patio or windowsill into a zoo of plants and charming animals.

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Zebra Planter: This quirky metal sculpture comes without a drainage hole so you can use it indoors, but you can easily add your own by puncturing the bottom with a nail and hammer. The zebra stands at 15 inches tall and the pot is 4 inches across.

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Rhino Planter: Vases shaped like rhinos are definitely uncommon, so this little guy is sure to draw compliments. The horn is made of matte rubber for a unique contrast in texture and material.

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Bull Planter: With the horns of the majestic and powerful Cape buffalo, this planter would make a nice little friend for your miniature rhino planter.

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Hippo Planter: Red pottery and handmade appeal make this little hippo so special! The eyes and mouth can serve as holders for small buds you’ve trimmed from your flowers.

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Tiny Kangaroo Planter: Such a great idea – this kangaroo is happy to spread the joy of its little garden everywhere it goes. The peaceful expression is especially sweet. Consider this piece as a gift for a new mother!

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Giraffe Planter: Glossy 24k gold antlers (did you know that they’re actually called ossicones?) make this giraffe look as regal as can be. If your interior needs a touch of sophistication, this piece would be a great place to start.

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Wall Hanging Animal Planters: Combine your love for vertical gardens with the hot trend of faux trophy mounts with these miniature animal-shaped planters. White ceramic belies minimalist influence but the detail is out of the world.

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Crocodile Planter: It looks like rustically carved wood, but this planter is actually made of durable waterproof resin, ideal for use indoors or out. This sleepy spotted crocodile is anything but menacing.

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Turtle Planter: Just look at that face! This quizzical turtle weighs an impressive 16 pounds, more than a 12 inches long and 4 inches tall. The drainage hole ensures your outdoor plants will thrive.

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Cute Animal Planters: These super-tiny planters water themselves thanks to the unique wicking action of the adorable pink tongues. Each one includes a water dish, seeds, soil, and the planter itself.

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Elephant, Pig & Hedgehog Planters: Sweet pastel tones ensure these irresistible little planters will look great anywhere you put them. Plant your favorite small succulents or tiny cactuses and watch as they come to life.

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Pig Planter: Now this small minimalist pig definitely makes a big statement! The planter cutout is roughly 3 inches long and 3 inches wide. Check out the artist’s other listings for more color options.

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Super Cute Micro Owl Planter: It’s impossible to replicate the aesthetic and personality of decorations that are handmade from start to finish. This owl definitely overcomes its small size by capturing hearts with its highly detailed rustic design.

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Hipster Owl Planter: Super stylish. This handsome owl is part of a collection of hipster animal planters, ranging from turtles to rabbits and even frogs. Follow the link to choose your favorite!

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Owl Succulent Planters: Rustic, traditional, and retro-inspired interiors can always put adorable characters like these to good use. Even the most modern of homes could use the texture and color these owl planters provide.

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Magnetic Owl Wall Planters: These tiny owls can stick to any magnetic surface, like the fridge or a metal-backed chalkboard. Can’t get enough of these neat owl designs? Check out our big list of owl home decor to complete your collection!

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Bird Magnetic Wall Planter: Bright and simple, these ceramic magnets are just the right size to hold a small air plant or cactus but they could be used to hold single blossoms you’ve trimmed from your garden as well.

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Swan Planter: A beloved classic! This swan planter is made of durable plastic, easy to move for replanting or storage between seasons compared to similar models made from concrete. The opening is about 6×8 inches to accommodate larger plants.

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Jelly Fish Hanging Planters: It’s hard to find a cooler air plant holder than these. The body of the jellyfish is actually real sea urchin shells, and the tillandsia that makes up the ethereal tentacles are shipped alongside the holders.

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Pink Version: And here’s a pink version! The pink and green definitely make a cute combination. Unlike the other set, these come with three different air plants for variation.

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Octopus Hanging Planter: This sleepy octopus offers another take on the upside-down planter trend.

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Cute Whale With Flower Pot: Pastel teal glaze gives this whale such a smooth and calming aesthetic, but the surprising flower absolutely makes this design! It’s so hard not to fall in love with this!

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Whale Planter: Carefully sculpted resin takes on the appearance of rough-carved wood in this charming sleepy whale planter. This is from the same collection as the crocodile pictured earlier.

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Dinosaur Planters: Seriously, what could be cooler than dinosaur planters?! These ceramic pots would be the perfect treat for your inner child.

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More Dino Planters: Dinosaur planters aren’t just a one-off novelty. Etsy has so many different models in a variety of colors and materials to suit any interior decor style.

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Cute Dragon Planter: How could anybody resist that face? Plant your favorite succulent in this sculpted resin dinosaur and enjoy as guests fawn over his irresistible party hat.

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Pokemon Go Bulbasaur Planters: Can’t get enough of Pokemon Go? These 3D printed planters let you grow your own Bulbasaur right at home, with any plant you wish.

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Bulbasaur Planters: If you’re looking for larger Bulbasaur planters, this seller offers a range of sizes up to 18 x 16 centimeters. These would be perfect for outdoor use!

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