Twenty seasons strong and still going, South Park remains the phenomenal social commentary we so desperately need.

The four elementary school friends of South Park and their eccentric but instantly recognizable friends, families, and neighbors have formed a collective voice through which our own fears, follies, and outrages can be exorcised weekly.

With an unlimited supply of memorable lines and guiltily-loved characters, it’s no mystery as to why the devoted South Park aficionado isn’t afraid to sport some fan ink.

The hard-to-argue #1 fan favorite, Eric Cartman is perhaps the guiltiest of guilty pleasures, a boy we love to hate but can’t help but root for. Along with the indestructible Kenny, thoughtful Kyle, and everyman Stan, the South Park gang is more than ripe to take up a spot along your shoulders, arm, or calf. Even the iconic South Park town sign makes for spot-on tattoo fodder, while the many digs at Canada can’t help but beg to be repeated in ink. Regardless of your chosen mascot, the South Park tattoo ensures that life is never dull from where you’re seated.

It’s said that comedy is the best commentary, and in this regard South Park has few rivals. Running the full gamut between razor-sharp political jabs and irreverent everyday observations, South Park found an audience with everyone–albeit begrudgingly for some.

Your tattoo homage is both a statement and a reminder to stay on the savvier side of life–and for god’s sake, respect your authoritah’.


Above Ankle South Park Tattoo Designs For Gentlemen

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Guys South Park Tattoos

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