Owls have captivated nature enthusiasts for thousands of years, appreciated for their stoicism and great beauty. And we’re big fans too! We’ve put together a list of 50 owl-themed home accessories for people who love these majestic birds just as much as we do. Here, you’ll find everything: gorgeous prints for the wall, useful accessories for the kitchen and bathroom, and even some fun stuff for the kids. Are you craving more decor inspiration? Don’t forget to check out our big list of beautiful bird home decor, or if you’re more of a mammal person, we have a collection of elephant accessories too. Check ’em out.

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Owl Cushion with Handwarmer: Soft and squishy, this sleepy nocturnal character would make a wonderful naptime buddy. Add a hot water bottle to soothe chilly hands on a cold day. Of course, he looks super cute on a shelf even in warmer weather too.

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Owl Cushion Set: Anybody can relate to at least one of these cute hipster owls. These throw pillows would work great for a casual interior that needs a splash of color and personality.

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Owl Throw Pillow Cover: The first half of this post contains plenty of owl pillows to decorate your favorite cozy spots. This removable cover features a double-sided print with a concealed zipper so you can add it to your favorite pillow.

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Vintage Owl Pillow Cover: Look at how the eyes immediately draw attention! This owl illustration integrates the colors of 70s-era Pop Art, with a little bit of influence from strong traditional-style tattoo line work.

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Cosmic Egg Owl Throw Pillow Cover: A whimsical collection of blue birds sits against a backdrop of coral flowers and mushrooms. The really striking thing about these characters are the eyes – mystery and liveliness shine through clearly.

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Abstract Modern Owl Pillow Cover: Magenta and cyan overlap to create a range of rich colors, the owl’s form pared down to the most basic shapes. This piece would make a wonderful gift for an owl fan in the print or graphic design business.

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Mr. Owl Throw Pillow Cover: Gorgeous! Mr. Owl is a printed version of an impressionist charcoal sketch, with a pair of fashionable eyeglasses added for fun and flavor. The specs definitely bring out his eyes.

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Little Owl Throw Pillow Cover: Owls are already one of nature’s most beautiful and impressive birds, but the babies are just too cute for words. The features look so realistically soft, it feels like you could reach out and touch them.

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Cute Owl Throw Pillow Cover: Autumn trees and happy sleepy owls can brighten any home. This pillow features a burlap-like texture, ideal for a Scandinavian or cottage chic interior theme.

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Owl Shaped Cushions: At 16 inches tall, these colorful pillows are sure to make a big impact in your decor. They can soften the back of a children’s chair, cushion a hard headboard, or draw the eye anywhere you put them.

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Owl Bedding Set: Brighten the bedroom of your owl-obsessed young one with this complete bedding set. It includes pink sheets with white flowers, two pillowcases (one with flowers, one with owls) and a small decorative pillow for cuddling. This set is available in full or twin sizes.

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Owl Nursery Decor: Complete with a quilt, fitted sheet, and dust ruffle, this bedding set includes everything to make baby’s bed cute and comfortable. Pair with matching accessories, or use these as the basis of your own wildlife or purple themed nursery.

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Owl Duvet Cover: Do you want to refresh your child’s bedroom decor without getting rid of the existing comforter? Just slide it into this adorable duvet cover. This set includes the cover, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases. This set would make an awesome gift for back-to-school. Because it’s fit for a queen size bed, even playful adults or college students can enjoy it.

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Charcoal Owl Print: Three of the world’s most recognizable owls feature in this gorgeous print – a bashful snowy owl, the mighty great horned owl, and a sweet barn owl. All three tilt their heads in unison.

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Large Owl Wall Art Print: Drawn in shades of blue and gold, this owl print would serve as a wonderful companion for an interior themed around natural hues. The owl’s face expresses the wisdom associated with these majestic creatures since ancient times.

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Clever Owl Figurines: “See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.” Offering timeless advice, these three owls will motivate good behavior wherever you put them.

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White Owl With Silly Spectacles: Now it’s time to check out some standalone decor. This fashionable owl planter is small enough for a balcony or windowsill garden, but would look great in the home too.

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Decorative Gray Owl Figures: Incredibly soft and realistic, these owl figures from Kurt Adler stand at 5 inches tall – a neat addition to a winterscape or holiday arrangement.

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Cute White Hanging Owl Figure: Here’s another Kurt Adler creation. Adler is famous for his detailed Christmas ornaments but pieces like this work well in any owl-themed interior too.

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Paul Anker Hansen Wooden Owl: An unforgettable icon of the 60s, Paul Anker Hansen’s owl figurine features a mobile head that rotates and turns. Pose your beautiful little owls to depict expressions ranging from stoic to curious and more.

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Howdy Owl: Designers Engesvik, Stokke, and Austad (or Norway) created this wonderful minimalist owl sculpture suited to any Nordic-themed interior design. It’s hard to resist this simple yet expressive face.

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Turned Owl by Lars Beller Fjetland: Norwegian designer Lars Beller Fjetland offers figure collectors a chance to decorate their homes with an eco-friendly alternative to new materials. This lovely owl gives scrap wood a new lease on life.

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Minimalist Wooden Owl: Crafted from solid walnut, this streamlined sculpture would look equally at home in minimalist, traditional, or rustic styled interior.

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Owl Ceramic Tea Set: The kitchen or dining table deserves a little owl love too! This adorable tea set includes a teapot, two cups, and a strainer – all with undeniable personality and a touch of retro charm. This set is manufactured in Japan and comes with an attractive gift box. Check out all the color options to find the style that fits the recipient’s interior decor.

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Minimalist Style Owl Salt & Pepper Set: Made from unpainted ceramic, this spice shaker set would look incredible with a minimalist all-white dining set. But if you’re looking for something to fit your interior, this pair of lovebirds would make a fun DIY project – just add paint, glitter, gems, lace, or whatever craft supplies you have on hand. You could even customize a set as a meaningful housewarming or wedding gift for an owl-loving friend.

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Ceramic Owl Coin Bank: Always a handy way to collect pocket change or teach children about savings, coin banks are a must-have in any household. This handsome pair of owls (one in white ceramic, the other with a silver finish) would make a sophisticated gift for siblings or a fantastic addition to a bedside table or entryway shelf.

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Owl Pen/Pencil Holder: Do you want to extend your love of owls to your home office or craft room? This unglazed pencil holder would work well with any decor style. Or, if you’re building up an owl theme in the bathroom, this piece is also just the right size to hold toothbrushes.

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Owl Bookends: One sleepy, one bashful – these weighty owls would make a wonderful addition to any home library or even as a standalone decoration.

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Antique Owl Bookends: With a hammered bronze-effect finish, these bookends would work well within a traditional or classic interior. They stand 7 inches tall and weigh 4lbs each. However, some buyers report receiving a more matte version rather than the glossy style pictured here.

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Owl Hamper: One of these little hampers are just waiting to enhance your owl bathroom decor theme. Standing at a little over 2 feet in height, they could stand on a low table or hide beneath a bathroom vanity to save space.

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Owl Orb Vase: Aren’t chubby owls the cutest owls? This stoneware vase stands at 4 inches tall to hold choice flower cuttings or live succulents. Its small size makes it a suitable “catch all” for the entryway, office, or bedroom vanity.

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Owl Glass Vase: Crafted with an elegant hobnail glass pattern, this owl vase includes a clear glass handle to look like an antique glass pitcher. The amber color gives it undeniable vintage charm for a retro-themed interior.

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Owl Lantern: What could be more appropriate accessory for an owl theme than a lantern? This nocturnal bird will help light your way through the garden at night or dazzle your friends during an evening party. Each metal lantern includes a flameless LED candle to withstand wind and accidents.

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Owl Shaped Tea Light Holder: Everybody loves the distinctive fragrances from Yankee Candle, but their tea light holders are super cute too. This ceramic luminary includes four tea lights in Yankee Candle’s Harvest Welcome scent, a spicy pumpkin-like aroma that smells like autumn.

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Owl Tea Light Holders: Quirky and colorful! Unlike other tea light holders, the indentation to hold the candle is rather shallow so you can watch as the flame dances and burns.

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Owl Planter: Complement your rustic, classic, or woodland-themed home decor with this hand glazed porcelain planter. The detail is incredible, and the size is just right for robust succulents or artificial plants.

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Owl Succulent Planters: These small owls have huge personality. Although the size is best suited for small succulents, each one does include a drainage hole to accommodate any similarly sized plants.

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Small Glass Owl Vase: Sized to accommodate a fresh cutting from your garden, this tiny glass vase would look amazing with a flower or without.

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Magnetic Owl Wall Planters: Strong magnets make it easy to hang these ceramic planters in unconventional places like a refrigerator or a whiteboard. Each set comes with two air plants to help you get started.

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Owl Doorstop: If you’re a longtime collector of owl accessories, you might have trouble finding owl-related objects you don’t already own. This sturdy iron doorstop would make a great gift for the owl fan that seems to have it all.

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Owl Wall Hook: Decorate your entryway, bathroom, or bedroom with this shiny hand-cast aluminum owl hook. At only two inches deep, its slim profile makes it ideal for small spaces like behind a door or inside a wardrobe cabinet.

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Owl Kitchen Timer: Fun kitchen accessories can make dinner prep so much more cheerful. Cute, unique, and playful – it’s so charming you’ll want to use it for other things around the house too, perhaps as a laundry reminder or to help kids brush their teeth for the right amount of time.

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Owl USB Drive: Misplaced USB drives are a little bit of a tragedy but these super-cute owls would be way harder to lose. Available in a 16GB or 32GB size, these would be a neat gift for a college student or a new employee at the office.

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Owl Night Lamp: It’s hard to ignore a face as sweet as this one. Just plug it in and enjoy the warm glow of porcelain with little pinholes shining like constellations.

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Decorative Owl Bedside Lamp: Such striking eyes! This resin lamp is impossible to miss at 16 inches in height – tall enough to sit on the floor next to a low bed, or perfect for a side table anywhere in the home.

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Owl Wall Lamp: This model is very similar to the previous lamp, but this charming owl fixes to the wall for more versatile placement options.

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Plugin Owl LED Night Light: Soft light filters through the ceramic body, glowing a little brighter through the hearts that span the owl’s chest. Small nightlights like this one work well in bathrooms and hallways for easy navigation at night.

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Owl Novelty Light: It almost looks like a holographic projection but the lamp portion is actually perfectly flat. Watch as this light filters through every color of the rainbow. Be aware that this lamp uses a USB power source by default, so it’s perfect for a computer desk – especially if you have a cool RGB keyboard to match!

Buy It: $54   

Voice Activated Owl Night Lamp: Parents are sure to love this nightlight almost as much as children do! A noise-detecting sensor automatically turns on the light when the child awakes and cries or calls for parents, and turns off again after 5 minutes of silence. This would make a nice useful gift for new parents using owl bedroom decor in the nursery.

Buy It: $220  

Ulo Security Camera: Ulo is an incredible little security camera that detects motion and sends alerts to your phone automatically. Or, you can watch the live stream whenever you want! Use your smartphone to change the color and behavior of Ulo’s eyes, and watch as he interacts with the world around him. This neat device is still in the pre-order phase, but you can still order to make sure you’re one of the first to receive one.

Check out the cute Ulo security owl in action.

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