50 Outfits From Cool Girls Who Ace It in Cold Weather

When it’s miserable outside, fashion times can feel tough. Who wants to make an effort only to freeze, get drizzled on, or be laughed out of town thanks to their extravagant new pom-pom hat? Well, actually, plenty of super-cool women don’t let their sartorial guard down just because the temperatures are plunging and keeping warm isn’t always the most enjoyable adventure. From the very best coats to the warmest boots and snuggest knitwear, these ladies have it (literally) covered.

So in order to dust off your winter wardrobe’s very best and get stuck into some weather-tackling styling tricks, we bring you a whopping 50—yes, 50—of the most capable freeze-busting looks out there on the streets. So get cosy, keep scrolling down and tell us which warm and wonderful concoctions you’ll steal in the comments box below.

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