Have an exposed brick wall, steel pipes and no vision? Designing a bachelor pad both stylish and low maintenance? Always coveted the industrial look, but unsteady in your execution? Going industrial in your décor need not be a mammoth task. Spruce up that concrete floor and metal railings with our top 50 industrial home décor picks. Whether you’re looking for as little as a clock or chair right through to a large-scale theme extending to your toilet paper holder, we’ve got a design solution for you. Get comfy with wood, steel and even a trace of steampunk in our top picks for tables, beds, desks, shelves, bookends and seats below.

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Industrial-Style Table Lamp: Black iron and rustic copper create this pulley-held desk lamp. A perfect fit for the office, it perfectly mimics a Victorian machine.


Industrial Robot-Like Lamp: Made of iron piping, this robotic desk lamp makes a person out of industry. Place him on your workbench or home office desk for an interesting way to light up fine detail.


Industrial Bedside Lamp: Want an industrial-themed sleeping space? This one-bulb beauty is one of those bedroom-bound unique table lamps.

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Running Man Industrial-Style Bedside Pipe & Socket Lamp: Looking to shed light in a hurry? This running man made out of pipes plugs into a socket.

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Industrial-Style Floor Lamp With Pulleys: The steampunk fan favourites this floor lamp held by pulleys. As two wheels hold a light-ended rope, its grated finish evokes the Victorian.

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Industrial-Style Adjustable Pipe Chandeliers: Looking for luxury with a difference? This five-piped chandelier provides eight lights and a distinctly modern glamour.

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Industrial-Style Chandelier: Want it in another finish? Use cart wheels to hold six dangling lights, in this unique chandelier for the antiques lover.

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Modern Industrial Pendant Lights: Make the industrial modern again, with these pendant lights perfect for a kitchen. Their metal domes diffuse light within a two-year warranty.

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Industrial-Style Pendant Light Bar With Pulleys: Have a large, high ceiling space just waiting for a feature? This three-light bar suspended by pulleys adds a fascinating contraption to a grandiose space.

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Industrial-Style Fixed Ceiling Light: For something less dramatic, try this five-pronged ceiling light. Its flower-shaped design mimics a fan, while offering electric ambience.

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Artsy Industrial-Style Ceiling Light: Create an artpiece on your wall or ceiling, with this metal pipe design. Watch them zigzag in many directions, as light fills your living or dining room space.


Industrial String Lights: Have a pipe fitting you’d like to showcase? String these seven lights over its form, to enjoy mood lighting and a feature in one.


Industrial-Style Marquee Lights: The quasi-cinematic interior would appreciate marquee lights. Shaped in an arrow, star and ampersand, they’ll be sure to put your home space up in lights.

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Antique Industrial-Style Belt Driven Ceiling Fan: Driven by a belt, this antique-style fan is an invention of the past.

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Modern Industrial-Style Fan: A less bold feature, this brushed nickel fan is simplistic in its industry.

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Single Leaf Industrial-Style Ceiling Fan: The hunt for unique ceiling fans is satisfied with this one-blade. Encasing a light in its centre, it does double the job in half the space.

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Industrial-Style Coffee Table: A great industrial start lies in a smart yet stylish coffee table. This wood and steel version offers simple contours and two rows of surfaces.

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Industrial-Style Coffee Table With Wheels: Wheel your dinner to your side, with this easily-moved coffee table. Wood and metal create a simple way to bring breakfast near the bed.

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Industrial-Style End Table: The industrial revolution favoured metal pipes and sturdy bolting. This end table combines the two.

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Industrial-Style Couch: Complete the look in leatherette and fir wood. This wonderfully-quilted couch brings masculinity to your home interior.

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Industrial-Style Metal Dining Table: Love the bare, minimalistic look? This dining table makes it industrial, with four metal legs and a bamboo top.

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Industrial Dining Chair: Steel and wood provide a pair for an industrial dining table or kitchen island.

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Industrial-Style Distressed Stools: Painted in crime-scene yellow, these stools create a stir beside a metal or rough-shod kitchen bench.


Industrial-Style Burlap Stool: Grounded on a metal bucket, this burlap stool offers rest and rigidity for the industrial living room.


Distressed Decorative Metal Fire Hydrant Statue: Have a space to fill void of plants, lamps or more cushioned pieces? This metal fire hydrant adds an authentic look to an industrial loft.


Industrial-Style Planter Bucket: House plants inside a rougher casing, with this metal planter bucket. With army-style lettering painted on the sides, it’s sure to support more masculine themes.


Industrial-Style Fire Escape Shelf: Know a fireman passionate about escapes? Gift them this shelf, a three-tiered reminder of the beauty of the structure.


Industrial-Style Bookends: Add a valve to your bookshelf, with these unique bookends. A place either side of large leather-coated books will look an antique treat.


Industrial Propeller Bookend: Cast resin created these industrial propellers, another steampunk find for the home library.

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Industrial Pipe Shelf: Make the most of an awkward corner space, with these galvanized steel pipe shelves. Winding up and around each edge of the wall, they add industrial edge with a storage solution.

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Industrial Shelf: The more traditional bookshelves hold a place in our heart. Let pipe fixtures and white-washed wood hold your personal trinkets and wedding photos.


Industrial-Style Kitchen Shelf: Looking for a spice rack? Walnut and metal provides a place for your seasoning and a rail for your teatowel.

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Industrial-Style TV Stand: TV stands can be large, clunky and overpowering. Make yours the stylish solution, in a simple metal and wood three-tiered design.

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Industrial-Style Shelving: A natural match for our aforementioned TV stand, this similarly-styled shelving unit holds five levels of storage.

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Industrial-Style Cabinet: Go the extra mile in industrial cabinetry. This low-lying metal find rolls to and from your desired location.

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Industrial-Style Home Office Work Desk With Storage: Industrial offices look modern, clean and oh-so-stylish. Adopt one of your own in this grey-painted metal and wooden piece.

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Industrial Pipe And Socket Bed: Contrast light, dreamy and feminine fittings with a masculine pipe and socket bed. Easily paired with a range of bedding, its ends are capped to stop marks on the floor.

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Modern Industrial-Style Bed With Drawers: Acacia and metal create a box bed with a drawer underneath. Pair it with cream bedding for stylish storage.


Industrial-Style Toilet Paper Holder: The true industrial fan will revel in this piece. Competing unique toilet paper holders are outdone by a handy shelf popping over the top.


Industrial-Style Shower Curtain: Dream of a metal-sheeted shower? This industrial-style curtain is the next best thing.


Industrial-Style Wall Hooks: These decorative wall hooks use pipes and wood as a holding line. Pin up your coats, umbrellas and bags upon it after a long day.


Industrial Wine Holder: Made of solid metal, these unique wine holders hold six bottles in rotation.


Industrial-Style Iron Coasters: Forget about fluffy fruit or glass drink coasters. These serrated iron finds put the edge back in cups of tea.


Air Blade Propeller: Made of metal, this decorative blade propeller adds everyday gusto to your kitchen extractor fan.


Industrial Windmill-Style Clock: Windmills renew energy. Let them renew your time, with this clock version inspired by farming life.

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Industrial Bicycle Wheel Clock: Once part of a bicycle, this innovative clock reinvents the wheel. Gift this repurposed find to your avid cyclist.

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Industrial-Style Oversized Wall Clock: Those looking for large wall clocks will find a fit here. Using Roman numerals and finely crafted hands, it takes up ample wall space in an urban loft.

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Industrial-Style Rustic Pulley Clock: Make the time look as if it’s working harder. This clock with in-built pulley is a dream for those dreaming of Victorian times.


Modern Industrial Gear Clock: A machine of gears work in these unique wall clocks – without affecting the time. Fascinate young guests with its methodical mechanisms.


Erasable Chalkboard With Industrial-Style Frame: Every kitchen needs a chalkboard – but not one that is kitsch. Remove the cutesy aspect with an industrial-style frame that makes it look a piece of art.

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