50 Easy Spring Living Room Decor Ideas

It’s so pleasant to enjoy first spring sun beams and breathe in that aroma-filled air! The most adorable and fresh season is coming, and it’s high time to welcome it in your home, too. Here are the easiest ways to prepare your living room for this gorgeous season, and I’m sure that they will help you create a proper ambience.
Pastels/ Neutrals
Switch your color scheme to neutrals or/ and pastels, such an idea will always make the space feel like spring. You may change the whole space repainting the walls, changing or reupholstering the furniture and so on or go an easier way with accessories, accents and maybe an accent wall. Neutrals are a timeless color scheme that works in any season and time and you may just add these or those accessories, for example, pastel ones for spring. If you wanna go all pastels, rock a pastel accent wall, neutral and pastel furniture, pillows, all kinds of textiles and various decor.

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