Spikes are back in style! They used to be a staple in fashion back in the 2000s when absolutely everyone, from movie stars to singers to your next-door neighbor used to wear them. Slowly but surely, they faded away, making room for other, more modern hairstyles. However, our love for everything retro has brought them back, and they definitely came in swinging! If you missed spikes just as much as we did and cannot wait until you say hello to this old friend again, here are 50 cool spiky hairstyles for men that will make you reminisce.

1. Classic Spiky Hairstyles for Men

The first idea on our list is the easiest of all. Meet the classic spiky hairstyle. We’re sure you still remember it not because you used to wear it every day of your life but because there are plenty of high school and college students who still do today.

2. The Channing Tatum

Our long and exhaustive list of spiky hairstyles for men also includes a handful of celebrities who have embraced the spike. Here’s hottie Channing Tatum keeping it youthful and boyish with this set of classic spikes which complement his chiseled good looks.

3. The Robert Pattinson

British actor Robert Pattinson loves spiky hairstyles for men as well, but he’s keeping it a bit more on the elegant side. He spiked his bangs and swept them over to one side, creating a composed, yet carefree look, young and fresh at the same time.

4. The Andrew Garfield

Out of the very famous trio of actors to successfully portray Spiderman so far, Andrew Garfield is considered to be the coolest of all. This earned him the nickname ‘the hipster Spiderman.’ It’s no wonder that he loves spiky hairstyles for men. He may not be the best Spiderman, but he sure is the coolest.

5. The Jensen Ackles

Here’s actor Jensen Ackles modeling a type of spiky hairstyles for men that we all used to wear at some point. If you want to copy this look and can’t remember how to do it, you’ll need some hair wax and a comb. Or your fingers, like when you were in high school.

6. The Michael Buble

This suave singer surely knows how to win the ladies’ hearts. But not just with his voice. He also has a handsome face, and his preferred hairstyles are small unicorn spikes at the front of his head which he gets using hair mousse.

7. The Bradley Cooper

Even when he cuts his hair impossibly short, like this buzz cut, actor Bradley Cooper cannot resist the lure of spiky hairstyles for men. He has the beginning of what seems to be a receding hairline and a widow’s peak, but that doesn’t stop him from having fun with his hair.

8. The Romeo Beckham

Famous ever since he was born, Rome Beckham is a cute little cupcake of a boy with messy, dirty blonde hair and a set of wild spikes in his hair to match. The haircut is perfect for a boy his age, and we support the idea of dressing and styling children in a way that is in line with their young years.

9. How to Style Spiky Hair

In fact, even though it may seem a bit complicated, there’s nothing easier than styling a nice set of spikes. Back in the day, when we didn’t have so many products, men used gel and hairspray. However, now you can use hair wax and mousse for a more pleasant experience all around.

10. Spiky Hairstyles for Teens

Even though a lot of mature men are still wearing spikes in their hair because it makes them look young and fresh, this hairstyle is, quintessentially, a teen one. It speaks of that first taste of rebellion you get when you’ve just entered your teenage years, and your mom doesn’t decide anymore what kind of haircut you’re going to get.

11. 2000s Spiky Hairstyles for Men

Here’s a true blast from the past. This set of long spikes is unquestionably fabulous. If you look closely at the pic, you can almost see the hair gel that was used to create these bad boys. And did you notice the flip phone? That was the epitome of technology back then.

12. The Zac Efron

Another celebrity who successfully embraced spiky hairstyles for men is former Disney star, Zac Efron. And it’s a good thing that he did too because they suit him perfectly. Despite his age, he still has very boyish features, which work flawlessly with the spikes.

13. Summer Style

A mess head is the perfect summer style for any man. It’s very relaxed and laid back, and it simply looks like you just got back from taking a quick dip in the ocean, even if you’re actually at the office. What’s the secret? Hair oil, of course.

14. The Brush Style

Not all spikes have to be well defined and slicked. There are many types of spiky hairstyles for men out there waiting for you to discover them. This one is called the brush simply because the spikes are brushed into a large mass instead of outlined one by one.

15. The Leonardo DiCaprio

This is the look that separated Leo from the rest of the world and forever established him in our minds as one of the most handsome men in the world. And yes, he wore spikes as well. He also had his signature natural dirty blonde hair which highlighted his baby blue eyes.

16. The Colton Haynes

You might be familiar with actor Colton Haynes from a little TV show called Teen Wolf. He plays Jackson Whittemore, a gorgeous youngster with deep green eyes, a fantastic set of gelled spikes, and, yes, a wolfish grin.

17. The Brad Pitt

When we said that back in the day absolutely everybody used to wear spiky hairstyles for men, we weren’t lying. Here’s heartthrob Brad Pitt and his famous blonde hair all spiked up. Brad was recently named by a scientific study the second most handsome man in Hollywood, surpassed only by best friend George Clooney.

18. Spiky Hairstyles for Square Faces

If you have a square face with a strong jaw, we suggest you go for a set of messy spikes instead of the more classic gelled or neat spikes. They will add some volume and dimension to the top of your head which, in turn, will create a balance with your jawline.

19. Spiky Hairstyles for Thick Hair

If you happen to have thick hair, you’re in luck. The spikes will almost create themselves. All you need is some mousse and a bit of hairspray. Run your fingers through your hair to get the desired look. Here are some more undercut hairstyles, this time with a full-on beard.

20. Spiky Hairstyles for Men with Waves

There are several kinds of spike wearers in this world. There are the ones who like it messy, retro ones, the ones who like frosted tips, the creative ones, and then there are these guys. Who take all the time they need to create the perfect and equal wave spikes.

21. Ombre Spiky Hairstyles for Men

Back in the 2000s when we used to wear spikes, we got frosted tips. Now, however, times have changed and the main word you have to remember is ombre. This is an example of brown ombre that melts into a tan blonde.

22. The Hard Part

A hard part is any classic side part created by a stylist using a razor. It’s a lot thicker and more visible than a traditional side part, and you can combine it with spiky hairstyles for men to get a modern disconnected haircut.

23. Orchid Spiky Hairstyles for Men

This is where we begin the part of the article dedicated to unconventional colors. This is orchid purple combined with a natural brunette. It’s also a modern type of Mohawk, called a fauxhawk, which has come forth to replace the old, punk style ones.

24. Frosted Tips

Since we’ve already mentioned frosted tips before, here’s how they look now. This is an undercut with a hair design and very long frosted tips on raven black hair. It’s the very modern and urban version of those bleached tips we used to wear when we were teenagers.

25. Pink Spiky Hairstyles for Men

This is a bubble pink combined with the same natural black undercut. It can be your next summer hairstyle or your following music festival look. It’s very fun and funky, but you have to be careful on how you style it in terms of clothing and accessories.

26. Old-Fashioned Mohawk

This is how the old-fashioned punk rock mohawk used to look. It’s one of the classics, as far as spiky hairstyles for men are concerned and it used to be a staple in the 70s and 80s for this particular subculture. You can still see both men and women sporting it today.

27. Turquoise Spiky Hairstyles for Men

This is an absolutely gorgeous color that is also a perfect fit for summer time. This turquoise color is almost aquamarine in the sunlight, which means you’ll fit right in at the seaside. The disconnected eyebrow, nose ring, and oversized mirror aviator glasses are nice additions to the look.

28. Rainbow Spiky Hairstyles for Men

If you can’t decide on one color for your spikes, don’t worry. This just means that now you can get them all. They are called rainbow spikes and we are absolutely in love with them. Can we just say how crazy we are about the lime blonde green base?

29. Blue Spiky Hairstyles for Men

Another color you can try out on your spikes this summer is blue. You can choose the shade, of course, but we recommend this neon version. Here’s a tip, though – keep your eyebrows looking as natural as possible. Otherwise, you’ll be looking like a human doodle.

30. Icy Spikes

You can wear this hairstyle in the winter as well, but we still think its best moment to shine is in the summer. And it is simply a work of art. It starts off with a blue base, continues with a light turquoise, then green, lime, platinum white, and another shade of acid green on the tips.

31. The Neon Peacock

There are only three shades here – bubblegum pink, blue, and turquoise, but the effect is absolutely spectacular. Especially when you put your hair up in spikes exactly like this. You will look like a superhero from a cartoon.

32. Cool Spiky Hairstyles for Guys

This fruity combination of colors is truly unique. We especially love the pop of pastel purple that is there to break the monotony of the blonde, yellow, and tangerine. You can wear this hairstyle in the summer or in the fall.

33. Pastel Spiky Hairstyles for Men

Speaking of pastel, here’s a pink one for you. Unlike many of the others we’ve seen so far, this shock of pink hair covers the entire head and uses the brush technique instead of emphasizing each spike at a time.

34. The Jared Leto

There was a time when the Joker himself had a very normal haircut, just like you and me. The famous actor and singer used to wear his hair in a medium cut with a few tousled and messy spikes, in a dark and woody brown.

35. Stylish Spiky Haircuts

This particular way of styling your spikes works perfectly well if you like to dress a bit on the elegant side, if you’re going to a more formal event or if your office imposes a stricter dress code. You still get to wear your favorite spikes, but in a dashing way.

36. Slick Spiky Hairstyles for Men

If you thought that it was not possible to combine spikes and a comb over, you were wrong. Somehow, it is. This is an asymmetrical cut with the hair parted on one side, messy, spiky, and slicked to one side at the same time.

37. Highly Textured Spikes

When you take the time to form and style every single thin spike by hand using gel, mousse or wax, your work will result in a highly textured hair. This is a great trick in case you have thin hair. It will make it look like you have more hair than you actually do.

38. Spiky Hairstyles with Beard

Here’s another type of disconnected haircut that works perfectly well with spikes. It requires an under shave and a beard so that it can form the disconnect part. The tattoos are not mandatory, of course, but we think they look absolutely cool.

39. The Lance Bass

Here’s another blast from the past for you. This is Lance Bass from former boy band NSYNC today. We’re happy to see that he hasn’t ditched his spiky hairstyles for men nor his frosted tips. Way to go, Lance Bass!

40. The Jason Biggs

The walk down memory lane doesn’t end here because we also pulled out a photo of Jason Biggs from American Pie. Remember how this was everyone’s favorite movie back then? Jason’s hair looked like a huge water fountain of string cheese.

41. Blonde Highlights on Spiky Hair

If you happen to have blonde highlights on brown or brunette hair, they will be far better served by a set of spikes than if you wear your hair straight. These are retro spikes that resemble an Ivy League cut.

42. The Joey Fatone

We’re not done with the throwback pics yet nor are we done with NSYNC because here is Joey Fatone. Was he your favorite member of the band? Of course not. Justin was, we know that. But we surely loved Joey’s hair.

43. Supervillain Spikes

If there was a show or a TV movie back in the 2000s which featured teenagers and one of them was evil and brooding all the time, planning to kill fun and joy, this would be the haircut he had to wear. Blonde tips and scary-looking thin spikes.

44. The Adam Lambert

The singer has always had his very own style which, in time, has become a signature look. He loves spiky hairstyles for men and black eyeliner in equal measure and we’re glad that he does because he looks absolutely fabulous.

45. Spikes for Long Hair

Medium to long hair can be transformed into spikes as well. All you need is to invest into some extra strong hair wax and lots of hairspray. You can also play around with it and add a few finger waves in there, just to make it more special.

46. The Cristiano Ronaldo

Just like David Beckham before him, Cristiano Ronaldo tried all the hairstyles he could lay his hands on. Thusly, he became a style icon. Do you want to learn more about his choices and get inspired? Here’s a whole piece on Cristiano Ronaldo’s haircuts.

47. The Fernando Torres

Another incredibly loved soccer figure not just in Spain, but all over the world is Fernando Torres. He sported his fair share of haircuts as well, but we love him the most when he goes for spiky hairstyles for men. The heart wants what it wants.

48. The Caesar with Spikes

Here’s how you combine a classic Caesar with spiky hairstyles for men. The Caesar is an undercut with a long top, between one and two inches and a set of very straight bangs. It gets its name from the emperor himself, who is shown wearing it in most of his busts. If you want spikes, use some wax on the bangs.

49. The Ricky Martin

Even though he so much more the dapper gentleman now rather than the latino lover he used to be, Ricky Martin still can’t help himself when it comes to spiky hairstyles for men.

50. High and Mighty

Let your beard match your top with this one and only set of spikes. They are retro, cool, and simply scream the 2000s. However, if you are to bring them over to the modern side, you will need an undercut.


These are the 50 throwback spiky hairstyles for men we promised. Take a trip down memory lane and choose between frosted tips, undercuts with spikes, spikes for long hair, spikes for short hair, cool spiky hairstyles, and so much more. Which one did you find the most endearing and why? Let us know in the comment section below.

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