As summertime hits, it’s time to prepare for the heat wave, change your wardrobe and your hairstyle. Summer hairstyles for men need to be cool, sexy, and effortless. This is the supreme trifecta you should aim for if you want to make sure you have the perfect haircut this summer. Therefore, to help you out, we have prepared a list of no less than 50 summer hairstyles to inspire you which includes all your favorite celebrities.

1. Long Summer Hairstyles for Men

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! That’s what they say. And there’s absolutely no better time to flaunt long, curly hair than in summertime. Let your curls hang loose in the breeze as your strut poolside in a new bathing suit.

2. Medium Summer Hairstyles for Men

The beauty of this haircut is that it requires very low maintenance. All you have to do is make sure you keep it nourished with some conditioner. In the meantime, run your fingers through your hair to keep it in place.

3. The Jaden Smith

As promised, this list is chock full of celebrities and their summer hairstyles and Jaden Smith is merely the first one. He’s wearing his signature medium dreads and a red rose behind one of his ears.

4. The Messy Bun

The man bun is, probably, the hairstyle of the decade for men. It’s not out of trend yet so you can still sport this messy version when you go to the beach this summer. It will protect your hair from getting wet.

5. Man Braids

The second most controversial hairstyle of the decade for men is man braids. They come in many shapes and sizes and we simply love them as summer hairstyles for men. Therefore, we suggest you give them a try this season.

6. Flowery Summer Hairstyles for Men

A simple way of embellishing your hairstyle this summer is by wearing some natural flowers, especially if you’re planning on going to one of the major festivals, such as Coachella. It’s time to bend gender and styling rules!

7. Surfer Summer Hairstyles for Men

The classic picture we have of the ‘surfer dude’ is that of a tanned youth with medium to long messy blonde hair. That is, of course, a stereotype. However, we won’t deny that this is a beautiful hairstyle.

8. Blonde Summer Curls

Speaking of blonde hair, how would you feel about adding a bit of blonde ombre to your natural hair color this year? It will look as if you’ve spent a lot of time basking in the sunlight and your hair has lightened up naturally.

9. The Summer Bowl Haircut

Yes, in case you didn’t already know, the bowl haircut is slowly but surely trying to become a thing again. People have been spotting it again on Instagram, in China, Japan, and at different fashion shows. Here are some more ideas on the modern bowl haircut.

10. Layered Summer Hairstyles for Men

Nothing says summer better than a few highlights and a layered haircut. After your trip to the stylist you will practically look as if you’ve just stepped off a boat into the marina and heading for a bite of lunch of surf and turf.

11. Shaggy Summer Hairstyles for Men

Although hot summers are not exactly the perfect season to think about growing or maintaining a bushy beard, that doesn’t mean you have to shave yours off if you already have one. However, we do advise you trim it down for comfort reasons.

12. Spiked Summer Hairstyles

Even though the 2000s are long gone now, spikes refuse to leave. You can still sport them here and there, especially in summertime when teens don’t have to cover their heads with a hat. This is a youthful hairstyle, perfect for a stylish high school boy.

13. Wavy Summer Hairstyles for Men

The curls get the girls. That’s a fact and there’s no way around it. But you can get girls with wavy hair as well, especially when you grow it out to a medium length, and wear it in a casual, care-free way.

14. The Buzz Cut

This is by far the most appropriate in terms of convenience haircut for summer. It’s as simple as they come and requires the lowest level of styling and maintenance imaginable. Even after you take a shower, you can just walk out the door and the summer sun will do the drying out for you.

15. The Fauxhawk

The world has been in love with fauxhawks ever since we discovered we can keep wearing Mohawks but change them a little so that we could still be allowed into schools and offices. Adding a little color is what will make this interesting haircut a summery one.

16. Cute Summer Hairstyles for Men

This is what we would call a compromise haircut. It’s when you want a short haircut but are not ready to give up your curls just yet. Therefore, you cut your hair short in the back and on the sides and keep your curls on top.

17. Long and Straight Summer Hair

If you need to keep your hair out of your face while the wind blows or not to get sand in it, you can always go for a classic and simple ponytail. Tie a loose one at the back of your head and let your hair speak for itself.

18. Ice Blue Summer Hairstyles for Men

Non traditional colors are having a huge moment right now. Cosmetic companies have come up with hair dyes that are super easy to use at home for the first time in history, guaranteeing that you will get the exact shade of pink, blue or purple that you want.

19. The Harry Styles

Here is Harry Styles posing in front of a sunset in an impossibly well-tailored white summer suit with a sky-blue shirt and additional sunglasses at his lapel. His hair is perfect as always, sitting in messy layers atop his chiseled features. That’s how you do summer in styles. Or style.

20. The Hugh Jackman

No, this wasn’t part of a photoshoot. This really is how good Hugh Jackman looks on vacation at the beach. We are huge fans of his tousled and wet, spiky beach hair which he wears nonchalantly as he strolls on the hot sand.

21. The Chris Hemsworth

It’s no surprise to anyone that the God of Thunder himself looks just as mighty off screen as he does on screen. In real life, actor Chris Hemsworth has the same look as Thor. This means short cropped hair and a very well-trimmed beard.

22. The Zac Efron

Another source of inspiration for you as far as summer hairstyles for men are concerned can be singer and actor Zac Efron. He has come a long way since he was a teenage sensation on the Disney channel. He now wears a layered slick back haircut.

23. The Chris Pratt

From Thor to Star Lord and from one Chris to another as we move to Pratt. He wears the typical good guy haircut in dark chestnut brown that accentuates his blue eyes with a slightly puffed up comb over.

24. The Chris Evans

The third Chris on our list is the one and only Chris Evans, Captain America himself. He wore a gorgeous gelled slick back with an unruly hair part for this amazing photo shoot which showed his artistic and whimsical side.

25. The Liam Payne

The second former member of One Direction included in our selection of summer hairstyles for men is Liam Payne. He wears his signature slicked back and very high pompadour even when he kicks back on holiday. That shows dedication.

26. The Chadwick Boseman

If a short afro is good enough for the King of Wakanda, it will be good enough for us any day of the week and definitely as a summer hairstyle. Here is Chadwick Boseman posing in a black and white hoola shirt.

27. The Brad Pitt

Here is an entire look for you to copy, not just a hairstyle. Brad Pitt looks divine as he walks the red carpet in a medium gelled slick back complete with goatee, a pair of leopard print sunglasses, a heavy golden necklace and a casual white suit to complete the image.

28. The Bruno Mars

Nobody does it like Bruno. He has an eye for matching prints and flaring outfits like no one else. One of his preferred summer hairstyles for men is this Elvis inspired 50s pompadour which he paired with a pink cardigan.

29. The Zayn Malik

Zayn has been a proud supporter of the taper fade ever since he grew up a little and was able to decide what he really wanted in terms of styling and fashion. Here he is sporting a taper fade and messy summer hairstyles for men.

30. The Tom Holland

Actor Tom Holland is the poster boy for wavy hairstyles. He has cocoa brown hair in medium length and naturally wavy to curly hair. The color and cut match his pretty and young features helping him gain a bit of maturity in his face.

31. The Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa is, without a doubt one of the coolest guys in Hollywood. He established himself as the fierce Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones and then portrayed Aquaman in The Justice League making him look like the baddest and most awesome superheroe around.

32. The Timothee Chalamet

It’s impossible to resist Timothee Chalamet’s 90s charm. It’s like going back in time and watching your old classmate from college in a white dicky and orange stripes and no one else can pull off.

33. The Josh Hartnett

Here is the incomparably handsome Josh Hartnett for the Marc O’Polo Spring Summer 2016 Absolute photoshoot. He was the face of that campaign, and for good reason. After seeing the pictures, we think he should be the face of everything.

34. The Nikolaj Coster Waldau

This Game of Thrones actor looks like Prince Charming even in his summer beach attire. This is him posing for C for Men. His hair is messy and shaggy, and we have to admit we’ve never seen anyone look better in a mustard shirt since Dwight from The Office.

35. The Armie Hammer

Speaking of actors who look like they should be in a Disney movie, this is Armie Hammer, a man who was described as the Ken doll brought to life. Unlike Nikolaj, however, this is not a photoshoot. This is Armie relaxing on his holiday.

36. The Leonardo DiCaprio Summer Hairstyles for Men

Leo starred in a movie called The Beach. Therefore, it was only natural we should get an entire series of good summer hairstyles from him. This is the actor sporting a quintessential 2000s look with messy spikes.

37. The Daniel Radcliffe

This is how you keep it classy if you want to sport summer hairstyles for men. Learn from Daniel Radcliffe as he wears all black and pewter and allows his hair to get beautifully tousled by the summer wind.

38. The Dane DeHaan

Here’s actor Dane DeHaan in a photoshoot for AnotherMan magazine. The jungle-monkey print on his suit and the scarlet and silver star silk tie will make perfect additions to your wardrobe as will his summer hairstyles for men.

39. The David Beckham

Former soccer player David Beckham has left behind the days when he used to wear Mohawks and cornrows. He has now settled on a very cool slick back that makes him look like the world’s most handsome dad.

40. The Michael B. Jordan

This is the perfect summer hairstyle for black men. It’s short and very easy to maintain, making sure that you won’t have any problems with humidity when you go to the beach. You will also be able to trim it yourself at home, saving some money in the process.

41. The Dan Stevens

We’ve already seen actors who should play Disney princes on our list of summer hairstyles for men. But how about an actual Disney prince? Dan Stevens played both the cursed, blonde and blue-eyed Prince and the Beast in Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast.

42. The Justin Bieber

Here is singer Justin Bieber sporting the wet look, which the fresh style craze hair-wise. His hair is a medium length in his usual bottle blonde meets brown, and he looks fantastic. Use plenty of hair gel if you want to copy his look.

43. The Sebastian Stan

Even though he is best known for his role as the Winter Soldier, Sebastian Stan is on top of his game when it comes to summer hairstyles for men. He wears a beautiful wavy and gelled comb over with a retro side part.

44. The Nick Jonas

All you need if you want to copy this look is a bit of hair wax and some hairspray. Use the wax to secure the pompadour in its place and then add a touch of hairspray to make sure it doesn’t move throughout the day.

45. The A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky in Gucci floral jeans and a shirt with a matching pattern is all you need to know about this summer’s trends. Keep it casual and whimsical wherever you go, and that includes your summer hairstyles for men.

46. The George Clooney

Is George Clooney the picture of vintage, old Hollywood glamour or what? His gorgeous black and white side part, as well the setting he is in, casually leaning on a boat in the harbor while wearing a shirt in sea colors, makes one think that Clark Gable is about to walk into the picture offering to buy him lunch.

47. The Bradley Cooper

Here’s a tip for you this summer – wear a blue denim shirt to bring out your eyes. Bradley Cooper has been using this trick for years, and it certainly works for him. Brad is one of the most handsome men in Hollywood.

48. The Matthew Goode

Talk about summer colors! Actor Matthew Goode is here to teach us how to use summer yellow in our favor. He paired it with a crisp white shirt and a pair of retro sunglasses, not to mention a perfect hairstyle.

49. The Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo’s gelled slick back is now an iconic hairstyle. Plus, it’s the quintessential soccer haircut. CR7 can be your style icon as he is for his millions of devoted fans across nations.

50. The Ian Somerhalder

A white T-shirt, an ethnic necklace, and the summer breeze ruffling your hair. That’s all you need to have the perfect holiday. Think about that while you are in your stylist’s chair choosing your summer hairstyles for men.


As we’ve seen from the exhaustive list above, summer hairstyles for men can mean anything. A simple buzz cut that will save you a lot of trouble to an unsophisticated yet trendy man bun to a retro side part a la George Clooney to a set of long curls that will be the envy of the entire beach. All you have to do is take your pick and enjoy your summer!

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