everything will be okayWhat a crummy week. And it’s only Tuesday. I think we can all agree that within the last month, we’ve reach our limit for tragedy. From horrific natural disasters to the unthinkable event that took place in Las Vegas Sunday evening, it’s enough to make anyone feel helpless and heartbroken. Perhaps you’ve been reading the news lately and you can do nothing but cry. Or maybe you’re so numb from it all that it’s really not a surprise anymore. And I completely understand where you’re coming from because I’m getting there myself.

But ignoring what’s happening in the world will not help the current situation improve. Apathy cannot cause change, only action can. The world needs kindness and love and for good to rise above. And I wholeheartedly think that at the end of the day, it can. Sending thoughts and prayers are a beautiful notion, but we can and should do more, especially if we’re in a position to do so. Here are 5 simple ways that you can take action today.

1. Call your representative. I know, a phone call. The worst. But these are the people who represent you and they should know where you stand. Here’s a quick guide if you’ve never made a call before!

2. Make a donation. I always find this one to be the trickiest after a tragedy, and ultimately it’s a personal decision where you want your money to go. If you’re looking for a place to start, GoFundMe has a number of worthy campaigns. If you can’t give money, consider looking locally for places accepting blood or even places that are looking for volunteers.

3. Find a cause and make it yours. With everything that’s happening in the world, the idea of changing everything is daunting. Maybe even so daunting that you do nothing instead. Start small and pick just one cause that resonates with you. Maybe it’s gun control, or cleaner streets, or finding animals loving homes. Whatever it may be, pick your corner in the world and make it brighter, step by step.

4. Stop de-friending. What scares me the most is how dividing we are becoming as humans, especially on big political issues. Instead of closing the door to a person who disagrees with you, maybe have a calm conversation about it instead (consider going offline). Taking the time to listen and show kindness to those we disagree with is the first step in being able to work together. We won’t always think one another is right, but a conversation to a solution can never take place if there’s no way to have it.

5. Perform a small act of kindness. It’s simple, and maybe obvious, but completely necessary. Here are a few more ideas to help you spread some good!


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