When the sun comes out, nature lovers rush to the garden to take care of their vegetables, flowers, hedges, and even trees. Even though gardening is an activity that many think of as relaxation, it is more physical than it looks. Cuts, sunstroke, or muscle pain, to name just a few of the potential risks, gardening requires a little preparation. 

Here are 5 tips to avoid hurting yourself in the garden.

1. Prepare yourself physically

It may make you smile, but when you plan a good gardening session, it’s a bit like sport: you have to warm up! This should be done gently, start with a short 10-minute walk and then stretch for 30 seconds per position.

2. Equip yourself well

Minor injuries are common in the garden. Branches or thorns can be cut. Remember always to wear gardening gloves when handling your plants. If you are pruning hedges, for example, also consider protective eyewear. Thus you will avoid projections that can seriously injure. If you have to walk between the brambles or clear the brush, think about the forest pants that will prevent you from the cuts because the prickly plants that cling to the ankles are not pleasant. For example, the Engelbert Strauss brand is renowned for offering a range of cut-resistant pants. Finally, a hat in summer can be essential to avoid sunstroke.

3. Adopt the proper postures

When it comes to gardening, back discomfort is one of the most common complaints. Indeed, in the heat of the moment, we don’t always think about the posture we should adopt. So remember to keep your back straight and bend your knees. Prefer to get entirely on your knees to work than to have your back rounded, leaning down. When carrying heavy loads, bend your knees again, so you don’t work at arm’s length.

4. Use the right tools

The right tools for each use of the garden reduce the risk of injury. So we sort our devices, take care of them, and throw away the broken tools. A handle that is too short, and you risk tipping over and falling. A dysfunctional pruner, and you risk cutting yourself.

5. Take your time

Gardening is a time of its own. So take the time to listen to nature, but also to your body. Remember to hydrate regularly, stretch now and then, and change your position as often as possible. It is better to miss a sowing period than to injure yourself. Your body will thank you for it, and you can continue to go about your favorite activity for years to come!

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