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Have you always liked wicker, but figured it was a material limited to outdoor patio sets? We have good news for you! Over the years, designers have found ways to bring woven textures right into the home. Wicker gives a room visual texture, so it’s a useful element to work with indoors. And depending on how it’s used, it can accent almost any home style. Woven textures can look classic, fun, artsy, rustic or chic, depending on how each texture is used. Read on to learn how to use woven textures in a variety of home styles and possibly find some inspiration.

Woven Textures Wicker Box

A large wicker storage container can make a good coffee table in more casual designs. Image: Marla Sher Design

Use woven textures in large elements in the room

One of the easiest ways to use a woven texture is to have it as a single, large element in a room. You may use a large wicker storage container as a coffee table, as in the photo above. Or you could try one large chair or a sofa as a woven texture piece.

This idea adds visual texture into a room without dominating the space. Having only one wicker element draws attention to the texture, but other elements in the room soften it. What you’re left with is a textured accent, without the space looking too rustic.

Woven Textures Patio Set Sunroom

Wicker furniture in a sunroom is a good way to bring woven textures into the home without sacrificing the formality of indoor living spaces. Image: PBH Construction

Woven textures fit naturally in outdoor areas and sunrooms

Of course, wicker still works in transitional spaces, too. Wicker patio sets in enclosed spaces like sunrooms are attractive, as the photo above shows. The all-wicker set gives the space more of a casual, outdoorsy feel, which is the perfect aesthetic for a sunroom. You might also consider adding wicker chairs next to large bay windows or patio doors.

Woven Textures Bedroom Rope

Woven textures can also include rope designs. Image: Blue Ocean Design

Use smaller decorative elements indoors

If you like woven textures, you might also want to try smaller wicker and woven accents. If you’re looking to work woven textures into unusual spaces, like bedrooms, consider more subtle wicker accents. Try incorporating woven accents in light fixtures, mirror frames, lamps and stools. This hints at a rustic feel without making your bedroom feel like it’s part of a patio set.

Woven Textures Retro Chair

Wicker was popular in eras past, so an old-style wicker chair is a good option for designs with a retro feel. Image: Dida Home

Incorporate classic elements

Another idea for using wicker in a space is to go for purposefully classic elements, like the chair in the photo above. Wicker and woven textures already have something of a classic feel to them, so choosing wicker furniture with retro designs is a good way to make use of that classic feel.

While these elements shine in retro designs, they’re suitable for a variety of styles. Classic wicker furniture works well in boho or eclectic spaces. That’s because those styles are all about being funky, random and free.

Woven Textures Color Chairs

White and pink wicker furniture is a fun and classy addition to a space. Image: Alison Kandler Interior Design

Try colored wicker furniture

Want to get even more creative? Try colored wicker. Pink, white or blue wicker feels right at home in a colorful, artsy room. It’s a way to bring wicker into any color scheme. Usually, traditional wicker works best in neutral color schemes. But painting the wicker makes it match just about any style you are trying to create. A fun throw pillow or cushion can also add a dash of color to the design and match the painted wicker.

What about you? Are you ready to incorporate these funky woven textures into your home? How are you planning on using wicker?

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