Condos are gaining in popularity and a growing number of people now want to live in condos as they are easy to maintain and offer other benefits as well. If you look for modern living real estate tips, you will find how condos are in demand as they are considered ‘modern’.

However, as much as condos are organized, they also need to be well decorated. When you have a condo that is decorated and appealing, it leaves a good impression on the guests that come by. Plus, there are also other benefits of living in a house that is well decorated. It can keep you happy and stress free. Hence, it is important to take care of your crib and decorate it properly.

You can enhance the look of your condo by styling it up from head to toe by applying simple decorating tips. If space is your problem then condos need to be organized as well because organizing the space is also a part of decorating your condo.

Without much ado, let’s have a look at 5 tips to decorate your condos:

Bring The Element Of Nature In Your Condo

Condos are usually in the cities.This means that there maybe no trees or plants nearby and your condo may be missing the touch of nature. What you can do to solve this problem is to make a small garden in your balcony area and grow smaller plants in there.

If maintaining a garden isn’t your thing then you can also go for artificial plants as they require no maintenance. Vases with fresh flowers in them also enhance the look and give a soft touch to your condo.


Sharp and solid colored drapes can make your condos stand out. You can choose from embroidered or patterned drapes, or if you are looking for elegancy then pick sharp colors such as persian blue.

Dark colored drapes around the house can be hung on walls that have windows so that they could function in two ways, block sunlight when needed and give a heartwarming look to your condo.

Make sure that the drape color you choose blends well with the color of the walls and don’t look odd.

Art Frames

No condo is complete without a frame hanging on the wall. If you have specifics when it comes to art then go for it and find a suitable place in your condo to hang art work. An ideal place would be a wall that is empty and has enough space.


You can also be creative and go for custom frames. If you’re a travel freak, you can make a collage of the pictures you’ve taken in your trips and frame them. They will not only add some colors to the convo, but also bring back memories.


You can choose a lot of accessories to decorate your condo when you have enough space in your condo. The problem arises when space is the issue. The solution to the space problem is to be creative and scale furniture and accessories smartly around the condo.

You can go for wall mirrors and place them on the walls that receive good natural light. This can make your condo look bigger. Not only that, mirrors also enhance the aesthetics of the room they’re in and the overall condo.

Other than that, hung up bookshelves and mountable flat screen is a good choice as they occupy less space.

Brighten Up The Place

Painting the walls with soft and vibrant colors give the condo a warm feeling. A combination of dark drapes and soft walls can do wonders for your condo. While natural light is considered good, you may also use light bulbs to brighten your space.


Well decorated condos are always heartwarming. While decorating the place is a great thing, make sure you also keep the condo clean at all times.


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