Create a Wild Kid’s Desk + Homework Station

If you make it fun…they will come.

Create wild and colorful kids desk and homework station with these 5 tips and 10 fun product picks. #remodelaholic

Hi Friends! This is Kristin from Postbox Designs Interior E-Design, I’m an Interior Designer but I’m also a mama to three. So some of my favorite projects to work on for both clients and myself alike is Kid’s Spaces! Whether it is a kid’s Bedroom, Playroom, Nursery, or Homework Station, kid’s spaces need to be both functional and F-U-N. Functional means it will actually work for it’s intended use. But fun means those kiddos will actually use it!

Today I want to not only share some tips for creating the perfect Kid’s Desk or Homework Station, but also a Free Mood Board to show you exactly how to create one yourself! So whether you have school aged kids who need a study space or smaller children who could use an arts & crafts table, read on!

5 Tips to Create the Perfect Homework Station

1. Simple Kid’s Homework Desks Work Best

Unless you want to be constantly tidying up your kid’s study space, make it super simple and user friendly! I love this simple desk with a painted pegboard that allows for easy decor changes. Kid’s can hang their artwork here or tack up their sports schedule. Add in these painted Ikea spice racks and bright decor, and you have the perfect kid’s study space. The racks can store notebooks and papers, or craft supplies.

5 Tips to Create a Kid's Homework Station

image source: Steph Bond

2. Vertical Space is your BFF.

Anytime you have a small space to work within, use vertical space to your best advantage. But for a kid’s desk or study space, vertical space also allows you to double or even triple the function. I love this desk with a low shelf in easy reach for craft supplies. Hanging over it is this patterned cork board that allows the cuties to display their own artwork. Additionally, a vertical cabinet to the left of the desk holds a myriad of supplies. P.S. I’m also a fan of a combo of closed and open storage with kids. Open storage means kids can easily access their items. However, closed storage is so precious when it comes to keeping the room looking clean and crisp-those drawers can hold a lot of stuff!

5 Easy Tips Create a Kid's Homework Station

image source: Lorena Siminovich

3. Personalize the Space

This is actually my very own kid’s triple homework station!

If you have the room, it is always nice to create different “station” for each child. In my homework center each child has their station marked with a framed photo of themselves and a monogrammed pillow…no fighting over the favorite chair! Another way to do this is assigning a drawer to each child, or a special tray or cubby. Or, create a caddy for each child that can be stored away when not in use. When the child is ready to work at the desk, they can simply take out their caddy filled with their own supplies and start working.

If you like the look of this Kid’s Triple Homework Station you can find the FREE Mood Board & Shopping List to re-create this budget-friendly kid space yourself:

Postbox Designs, Industrial Farmhouse Style Homework Station

image source: Postbox Designs

4. Budget Friendly Always Works Well with Kid Spaces

Whether it is a kid’s space in my home or my kid’s clothes: I don’t want to cry when something gets ruined. So when I design for kid spaces, I try to create a mix of durable pieces that will withstand use and abuse, along with inexpensive pieces that won’t break the bank if destroyed. I love this kid’s study space/activity center below because it is composed of Ikea parts! The desk cabinets, top, and shelf are all Ikea budget-friendly but also make of durable, easy-to-clean materials. Add in some fun pops of color like these yellow lights and turquoise door and it is a spot the kids will be naturally drawn to.

5 Tips to Create a Kid's Homework Station

image source: Saarkeloves via Instagram

5. Create a Fun Theme

You can have the most practical, organized kid’s desk, but if it isn’t fun they will never want to use it. Bright colors, patterns, and themes automatically make a space more attractive to kids. Make their desk or activity center a place they want to spend time! While the desk above shows bright pops of color, the below double homework desk creates a fun atmosphere with neutral colors.

The vintage schoolhouse style theme continues from the light fixture, to the wall decor, to the desks themselves. Adding in bright colored vintage items like this green sewing machine will make this space perfect for older kids. This theme will work for both genders and any age group.

Postbox Designs: Create a Kid's Homework Station

image source: IKEA

A Wild Kid’s Homework Station

As always I created an exclusive Mood Board today just for you Remodelaholic Readers! I wanted to create a fun and colorful kid’s desk that would work well for boys or girls, and at a myriad of ages. So I designed a “Wild & Free” Animal themed kid area. This would work as a Homework Desk or Activity Center. The desk is small enough that it can fit into a nook of a bedroom, or line up a couple side-by-side to work for multiple children.

Love It? Want It? Need It?

Simply click on the number of the item you love below the Mood Board to take you straight to the product. Re-create this whole area at home, or pick and choose your favorites:

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Create wild and colorful kids desk and homework station with these 5 tips and 10 fun product picks. #remodelaholic

1: Writing Desk   2: Sloth Lamp   3: Pennant
4: Desk Chair   5: Desk Organizer   6: Acrylic Tray   7: Giraffe Wall Decor
8: Hexagon Cork Tiles   9: Colorful Light Box   10: Gator Pillow

Want More Kid’s Homework Station Ideas?

Recently I created this Homework Station + Playroom for a pair of school aged siblings. My client’s had a boy and a girl, so the space needed to work well for both genders. They also wanted the space to do multiple duty as a homework area, play space, craft table, and reading nook. You can check out more of this room, along with SIX other kid’s spaces:
Postbox Designs: Create a Kid's Homework Station

Postbox Designs

Thank-you so much to the whole Remodelaholic gang for letting me hang with you all today! If you want to know more about how Online Interior Design works, you can check it all out How E-Design Works or send me an email at Finally if you are still looking for some more free design ideas, I have a Free Resource Library chock full of free Guides, Mood Boards, Shopping Lists and more!


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