Art makes a big difference in a room. It can create many illusions depending on what you want to achieve. Art should not just be an accessory, but rather a true reflection of your taste and an expression of your true self.

Searching for the perfect wall piece, and creating the right illusion is tricky and takes deep thought and a lot of moving things around to get the perfect look. Wall art enhances your living room and is usually the room’s focal point. Many people struggle with the size of wall art to display, and some of the best wall designs often end up ignored.

There are some things to look out for when buying wall art:

Size of Room

When buying art for your living room, or any other room, the bigger it is the better. One mistake commonly made by art buyers is buying wall art too small for the room. Buying art should feel just right, so should hanging it. It should feel like it belongs on that wall! Consider your furniture. If your home leans towards minimalism, then a large piece of art will help create a visual illusion that furniture would. If your ceilings are high or vaulted, go big. You can never go wrong on big art pieces. Contemporary art pieces go a long way in making a statement.

Wall size

Considering the wall is necessary. After you measure the wall, you have to think about the total wall dimensions and the art orientation. A wall that is tall and narrow works best with a like shaped piece created within the dimensions of a portrait. A horizontal wall looks better with a landscape shaped piece of art. The piece of art should ideally take between two thirds and three-fourths of the total wall. As emphasized before, bigger is better!

Consider if the art goes above Furniture

If you cannot make up your mind about what piece of art to put up, seek the opinion of a professional. Make sure you seek an opinion before you buy the art so that the size of the artwork and the size of wall and room go hand in hand.

Sometimes you might end up buying a piece that gets lost in your furniture or mantel. The rule when buying art above furniture or mantelpieces is that it should be three fourths the width of the furniture and should hang six or twelve inches above.

Consider if the Art goes on a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a great way to fill spaces especially when you love one piece by a particular artist. When you find different amazing pieces by different people, but which complement each other, then you can group them on one wall.

You have the liberty to express yourself in whichever way you please. Whatever you decide to do, arrange the art on the floor as you would like it to appear, then measure the total height and the total width, then proceed to measure out the same on the wall so it hangs just right.

Consider overall Height

The second mistake most people make after buying art that is too small is hanging it too high. When choosing your art, you have to consider the center point, which has to be at your eye level. If you are taller or shorter than the average person is, consider using the average person’s height, which is 5’6” Remember the basic rule of thumb of the bigger, the better.

Art is an investment. Some of the contemporary art bought today might be priceless in years to come. As such, it is always a wise decision to invest in art wisely. A piece of art can make all the difference in an otherwise dull room. Art that clashes with your theme may disappoint you and en end up in the attic.

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