5 Tips Every Homeowner Should Know in Choosing a Portable Toilet

A portable/chemical toilet needs to be comfortable and easy to clean for better hygiene. A portable toilet is characterized by many advantages. Therefore, every home needs a grade A portable toilet. As a homeowner, you need not worry about choosing an ideal portable toilet because we are here to help. Before purchasing this uniquely designed toilet, let us look at the three main advantages the portable toilet offers its users.

– Easy to handle.

– Environment-friendly.

– Self-contained. (Meaning they can be placed anywhere).

If you are on the verge of purchasing a portable toilet for an upcoming camping/outdoor event, there are five considerations you should know. See more on this page for a better understanding.

A portable toilet should:

  1. Have enough storage capacity/reservoir.
  2. Have the right weight.

iii. Be Comfortable.

  1. Be easy to clean.
  2. Durable.

Other minor details you should consider.

– It should not leak.

– It should have a flushing system.

– Should be cheaper as compared to other solutions.

An in-depth look at the five tips.


A portable toilet is considered comfortable if it fits any user. The seat needs to be of a standard measurement (16-18 inches) and the height should be approximately (17-19 inches).

Unique architectural design and shape assumed by most portable toilets.

The ultimate portable toilet has got a hinged oval design which is slightly curved inwards for comfortable sitting positions. A lid is usually bolted in place to cover the seat and prevent odor emission.

 Easy to clean.

When cleaning a portable toilet, you should not encounter any complex approaches. An ideal toilet should be easy to open and have a simple design.

A portable toilet that is clean guarantees minimal odor effects and better hygiene levels.

Toilet cleaning detergents used with portable toilets:

– Powder treatment.

– Liquid detergents.

– Toilet deodorants.

 Precise weight.

Anything that is considered portable needs to be easy to carry around. When it comes to a portable/chemical toilet, 8-13 pounds is the ideal weight.

Advantages of a light toilet.

-Easy to maneuver in any kind of setting.


A portable toilet needs the right reservoir/storage space. As most toilet tanks differ in size, the ideal portable tank should measure approximately 15-20 inches for efficient waste storage.

Three advantages a precise reservoir offers.

– Minimal emptying routine.

– Minimal disinfectants use during septic cleaning.

– Split reservoirs have got two compartments, one for solid waste and the other for liquid waste.


Just like any item you would want to purchase, durability is one important factor to consider. For portable toilets, it is important to have one that will serve you long. Most toilets are ideally made out of plastic. This means that you need the right material for your portable toilet.

Before choosing a portable toilet, look for one made with either of the following four materials.

– High-density polyethylene (HDPE).

– Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).

– Polypropylene (PP).

– Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETE).

When you choose a toilet with the above characteristics, your outdoor events, camping, and road trips will be a success. You need to identify the right toilet store and purchase quality portable toilets at affordable prices.


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