5 Tips And 25 Ideas To Declutter Your Closet

How can you understand that it’s time to declutter your wardrobe? First of all, it can be full of clothes you no longer wear, second, you can’t find what you need for a long time, third, there are too many items and your clothes get wrinkled. Let’s whip your wardrobe back in shape!
Ask Yourself Some Questions
Do you love it? Do you wear it? Does it project the image you want? Does it itch or scratch? Does it pinch your toes? Are the heels too high to walk in? Is it moldy? Smelly? Stained? Does it still fit? Even if you love it, do you want to wear it in front of other people? Be a brutal critic. If necessary, enlist a friend to tell you if something is wrong for you. Closet space is limited, so don’t waste your prime real estate on something you’re not crazy about. Even if clothes have sentimental value or you think you can wear them some day – who knows when that someday will be? If an item is too special to let go, like a wedding dress, find a place to store it other than your closet (display it in a special…

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