This is a sponsored post on behalf of Lemi Shine.

My little girl is in the stage where she loves helping me clean. I better get the most of her help now, before her moody, lazy teenager years.

My little guy on the other hand, when it comes to picking up his toys, he always says ” I cant’ do it, mommy.” I either have to bribe him or help him pick up after himself to make it enjoyable for him. We are working on it, but I have a feeling I will have a little lazy teenage boy in the near future.


I have a busy life; I work at home, take care of both my kiddos, cook and clean. Sometimes I’m not sure how I juggle it all. I like having a clean home, but some days I just can’t handle it all. I try to tidy up daily, clean weekly and deep clean once a month.

When it comes to cleaning supplies involving my kiddos I tend to use only products that contain biodegradable and natural ingredients. Lemi Shine is currently my favorite choice for deep spring cleaning. I try to make our spring cleaning fun around the house by putting kids music. As long as they are happy cleaning and sorting with me, I’m up for any music.

Step 1. Gather Your Supplies: I recommend Lemi Shine Glass + Surface Cleaner & Lemi Shine Everyday Cleaner. Safe, Biodegradable, Natural, and Non-Toxic. We also love using microfiber cloths, dust trapping cloths, gloves, apron and a caddy to hold everything. You will also need trash bags one for trash, one for donation, toy containers to sort out toys, and vacuum.

Step 2. Refresh and sort clothes and shoes. We take all clothes out from their closets. Make piles of winter clothes that need to be put away, another pile for donation, and a separate pile to keep and hang back in the closet. Kids grow out so quickly out of their clothes but the good thing is that most of my kid’s clothes and shoes are unisex, they can be hand down to my little guy. I’m also very sentimental; I usually put away my favorite baby outgrown clothes that I want to save for as long as I live.

Step 3. Organize and sort toys. Take out all toys. Plan an area where all toys will be stored and displayed. For organizing toys, boxes and baskets are your best friends. Designate a box with just a specific kind of toys like cars, wood toys, dolls, etc. Grab a trash bag or box to place toys for donation. I try to reduce toy clutter by only getting them toys that are storage friendly, small and that they must donate one away.

Step 4. Dust & clean all surfaces: Lemi Shine is safe for kids to use to help out with spring cleaning. My girl loves to dust around her toys, and wants to be the one to spray on everything to clean. With Lemi Shine, I’m comfortable for her to help me out clean all surfaces. We first dust with dust trapping cloths on windows, ceiling fan, bookcases,  toy boxes, and frames. We then vacuum the floors and baseboards. Lastly, we use Lemi Shine on windows, night stand, cabinets and even walls.

Step 5: Reward those kiddos! Surprise the with a new toy, their favorite cookies, activity or a play date.

Do you involve your kiddos when you’re spring cleaning their rooms?