Have you fallen in love with Spain’s sun-drenched patios, rustic villas and traditional fincas and wish you could bring some of that Spanish vibe home with you? Are you wondering how you might go about introducing that captivating, traditional Spanish style into your home interiors?

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Whether you’ve just returned from a holiday in Spain and are looking at your UK home with fresh eyes, or whether you’re thinking of buying and decorating a home on the Costa del Sol, it’s not difficult to inject some vibrant and colourful Mediterranean interior decorating themes into your own home. Here are 5 essential Spanish style interior design elements to get you going.

Walls and ceilings

Colour and light are all-important in interior design. The typical Mediterranean colour palette includes lots of natural earth tones alongside both cool and warm shades. Look for taupes and chocolate browns, mustard yellows and burnt oranges, deep reds and indigo blues – and plenty of white too, of course.

Walls in Spanish homes are often finished with a smooth, stippled or coarse render or plaster to give a rustic vibe. Sometimes, a faux paint technique is used to add extra dimension, with brushes or sponges mixing several shades of the same colour.

As you will have noticed from your travels through the Mediterranean, dark exposed wood is a big accent feature – use it for wood-framed windows, carved panels and exposed ceiling beams.

Interior flooring

Hard flooring surfaces are the most traditional choice throughout Mediterranean homes, with fitted carpet being virtually unheard of in Spanish interiors. Not surprising given the hot temperatures from spring through to autumn; and even the winter can be much milder than in the UK.

For the most authentic effect, fit uniform hard flooring throughout – hardwood, slate, terracotta or ceramic tiles are all good options and there’s a wealth of available choices at many price points.

Add finishing touches with strategically placed runners, small and large area rugs for that homely feel. Traditional Spanish rugs are made with a knotted weave in staggered rows, often in soothing off-white or neutral beige hues.

Home accessories

Sometimes, it’s the little touches that can make a big impact. For a truly Spanish feel, mix different traditional materials such as wrought iron, pottery and Mediterranean style fabrics to really set the scene.

Look out for classic ironmongery including wrought iron door knobs, knockers and cabinet handles. Replace the room’s fixtures and furnishings with ornate black metal curtain rods, rustic wrought iron chandeliers and wall sconces. What about a decorative iron bed frame or headboard?

Next, incorporate terracotta vases or bowls into your Spanish finca farmhouse style interiors, either as individual statement pieces or as small groupings. You may be able to source suitable pottery direct from local craftsmen or via their retail channels which may include local artisan events, homeware stores and garden centres.

Finally, choose simple cotton floor rugs or window treatments such as fuss-free curtains in muted colours.

Traditional Spanish furniture style

Have you noticed that Mediterranean homes usually tend to favour heavy, dark wood furniture, with a solid, no-nonsense look and feel? Mahogany, rosewood, walnut, teak and ebony are popular choices for dining room suites, bedroom furniture and also for bookcases and coffee tables.

Many Spanish homes incorporate architectural features such as soft, rounded arches and fanciful woodcarvings, with the sober furniture design providing an interesting contrast to the interior whimsies. Go for heavy wooden benches and chairs, and opt for straight-backed armchairs, either in leather or upholstered in woven cotton fabrics.

Veranda and patio areas

Mediterranean living is all about connecting the indoors with the outdoors; alfresco living areas include verandas, patios and terraces. The floor plans of most Spanish homes open out towards spacious outdoor dining and sitting areas, often by way of archways, French doors or sliding doors that allow for maximum natural light to flood the room.

Treat outdoor spaces as a homely extension of your interior and lavish the same attention on making it feel inviting. Choose wicker or wooden furniture and soften it with a few colourful pillows.  Add wrought iron wall sconces or perhaps a fire pit, and use terracotta pots to position lush greenery on your sun terrace or veranda.

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