best neutral bedroom wall colours

best neutral bedroom wall colours

Love white but feel like you want a bit of colour in the bedroom?  While there are many medium to dark neutrals out there, sometimes all we want is a hint of colour.

Bedrooms are where we begin and end our day so it’s important that they help us feel calm and relaxed.  While you can’t go wrong with white, it’s often harder to make a white bedroom look cosy and inviting.  Adding a hint of colour instantly adds warmth and helps bring your room together.  It also makes your bedroom feel calm and cosy.

When I decorated my daughters bedroom during our renovation, I initially painted it white.  But after living with it for a few weeks I felt the room was a bit too stark.  As gorgeous as white is, it can sometimes feel a bit too cold, especially for a bedroom.  So I painted her room in a soft, pale grey and it was transformational.  If you’re feeling the same about your white bedroom, these pale neutral bedroom colours could be the answer.

5 soft neutral bedroom colours

pale neutral bedroom colours

One of my favourite soft colours for a bedroom is beige as it has so much warmth.  It’s a pale neutral colour that pairs well with white but also lends itself to so many other colours including black accents.  If you’ve got white bedroom walls and you feel your bedroom isn’t quite warm or cosy enough, a coat of a soft, sandy beige could be the answer –  your room will be transformed in an afternoon. (alvhem)


light grey bedroom Scandinavian

One of the subtlest ways to add a soft touch of colour to a bedroom is to go for very pale grey walls.  Even just that little touch of colour brings in lots of softness and warmth.  Even though it’s such a pale grey, the contrast against the white looks great so it’s especially for you if you want a tiny hint of colour with a lot of white touches.  (alvhem)


pale green bedroom scandinavian

Green is a restful and soothing colour so it’s ideal for a bedroom, especially if you’re already drawn to green.  This particular shade of green is so light and soft and works really well with the warm wood in the room.  If you’re a fan of green then a similar pale green shade could be right for your bedroom. (alvhem)


There is something so cosy about blush bedrooms so thats next on my list of neutral bedroom colours.  I’m talking the palest shade of blush with brown undertones.  Anything brighter and it can start looking like candy!  It’s the most feminine of colours on the list but it totally works in creating a cocoon feeling in the bedroom.


neutral blue bedroom Scandinavian

Pale blue with grey undertones is another calming neutral bedroom colour.  It has a cooler vibe than some of the other neutrals so if you prefer cooler tones, this could be the one for you.

All of these soft neutral bedroom colours work so well in creating a calm and cohesive bedroom.  And I love how using just some paint in any of these colours, you can transform your bedroom in an afternoon.  Which is your favourite colour?

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