5 small kitchen ideas

In setting up a small kitchen, you can choose a custom-made furniture up to the ceiling to make the most of every square inch you have. Do not hesitate to implement nonconformist ideas – an extensible wall or a bar / table at the glaf, an island that is also a worktop and a dining room.

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Choose built-in home appliances to save space and create the feeling of a tidy and airy space.

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The most suitable choices for the color of the furniture are the warm shades. For small kitchens, as I said above, open colors are always the winning option. If space is not a problem, you can also choose darker colors, but in visual balance with finishes.

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Replace the furniture doors with some of the glass. They illuminate the look of the kitchen and let you see in, giving you the impression of space.

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Put the natural light on. Wide windows, with light curtains and wood-framed wooden frames, painted white, are the perfect solution for any type of kitchen, not just for small ones. An enlightened room will get a stylish and stylish air, and the space will be enlarged optically. Also, opt for suspended lamps that do not occupy much space, but emit enough light to be able to unfold in the evenings.

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