Bamboo flooring is a good choice if you want to get environmentally-friendly, high-quality flooring. Unlike typical hardwood, bamboo plants are essentially thick and hard grass stalks, which give them many different characteristics.

5 Reasons why you Should Consider Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is something that you can be happy with for many years to come, due the following reasons:

  1. Bamboo is durable: Traditional bamboo flooring is available as solid or engineered. It is 300% harder than typical maple and oak flooring. For extra durability, you can choose strand-woven bamboo flooring that is compressed under extreme pressure and heat. This method fuses bamboo strands together to create a strong plank that is much denser than typical bamboo flooring.
  2. Bamboo is eco-friendly and sustainable: Bamboo plants reach full maturity in just 4 or 5 years, much faster than common hardwood trees. Even after all mature bamboo plants are harvested, small shoots will emerge and grow rapidly.

5 Reasons why you Should Consider Bamboo Flooring

  1. Bamboo is inexpensive: Because bamboo grows quickly, it is abundant in the global market. It’s an affordable alternative to regular hardwood flooring. With proper finish and manufacturing processes, bamboo flooring adds a strong natural character to your home.
  2. Bamboo is stylish: Bamboo flooring is available in over 50 different colors and surface finishes. You may choose bamboo flooring with vertical, horizontal and strand woven styles. Two primary colors of bamboo flooring are coffee-colored brown and pale or golden tones. It is easy to find bamboo flooring that complements any room in your home.

5 Reasons why you Should Consider Bamboo Flooring

  1. Bamboo is easy to install and maintain: Installing both solid and engineered bamboo flooring is easy. You can nail or glue them down to the subfloor like traditional hardwoods.

Bamboo flooring can also be floated over an underlay and some flooring products have click-fitting system that makes the installation process very straightforward. With proper cleaning, bamboo flooring is safe for allergy sufferers, because it doesn’t harbor dust and dirt like typical carpets.

If you are considering bamboo flooring for your home, do your research and get free samples from a reputable manufacturer on the web today!

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