Earthy, dreamy, calm, the new cool ‘’Rust’’ shade is the new home decor star that brings us closer to the nature and also brings a relaxing vibe into any home we pick it in. So, here are our five reasons why you should consider this new shade for your lovely homes:


1. It’s a great cohesive shade

You know that feeling when you put together all sorts of items in one room and they don’t seem to mix up together? Well, then you need a  deco elements like a sofa or a rug that will make all the space add up perfectly and an element with a rust shade like this sofa is a greet cohesive piece for any room.

2. Adds a warm vibe in a space

Added in an all white minimal or grey room, this Terra shade will bring the warm and inviting vibe you definitely need in a home. So, pick it for your dreamy pillows and coffee table accessories or even for your main living room rug and you will love the result.

3. Gives any space a relaxing vibe

If you’re looking for a relaxing corner in your home, pick rust for your nook or reading corner. Choose a chair or table in this dreamy shade and enjoy a quiet and calm day at home.

4. It’s nature friendly

If you’re a big fan of plants, pick Rust for your deco items and furniture because this combo looks absolutely gorgeous. Also, it’s ideal for a seventies home or a modern space with retro details, but also for a boho Californian apartment.

5. Looks great in the bedroom

The bedroom is one of the main rooms you need to feel calm and relaxed. Also, this room has to have that warm vibe that keeps you cozy during the cold days. So, pick this dreamy shade for your pillows, covers, for a bench or a chair transformed in a nightstand and you will love this splendid space of your home.

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