5 of the Best Caps of 2018

The ultimate paparazzi shield – it is no wonder the baseball cap has become a fashion staple for the most photographed and followed boys in the world. Despite the bad press they’ve received in the past, baseball caps have remained a staple in men’s wardrobes for generations. Now, the cap your old man used to wear is at the height of fashion. It’s also a staple of Donald Trump – but don’t let that put you off. Here are some of the coolest caps of 2018.

5 of the Best Caps of 2018

1. Patagonia P-6 Trucker Hat 

Until recently Patagonia was a brand renowned and loved by hikers. Now, however, its fleeces and hats in particular are all the rage with the most fashion-conscious hipsters in London. This cap by Patagonia is a cheap way to venture into the trend, and due to the outdoorsy nature of the company, their products are unsurprisingly practical as well as fashionable. Made from organic cotton, the arty 90s inspired logo flows with the current streetwear trend, making this cap the perfect combination of cool and comfort.

5 of the Best Caps of 2018

2. Angelo De Lusso SSN:01 Trucker Cap 

One of the new kids on the block; Angelo De Lusso has crafted a cap aimed at the premium side of the market. The once named ‘dad cap’ is now a favourite among cool streetwear looks. This stylish embroidered cap is a cool way to show off a premium aesthetic. Ranging in a wide variety of colours, this unstructured, unassuming cotton and mesh cap is a go-to for any occasion where you want to make an entrance.

5 of the Best Caps of 2018

3. Dsquared2 Icon Cap 

Gracing he heads of rap royalty such as Jay- Z, the Dsquared2 Icon cap is one of the best-selling pieces of headwear of the year. Set out to make high-quality caps Dsqaured2 is a slightly more expensive brand, but the Icon cap is sure to make a distinctive fashion statement. This more structured cap has a contemporary luxe edge and comes in a variety of colours to mix with any outfit. This statement cap is one of the trendiest designer logo caps you can score, and won’t be going out of fashion any time soon. It’s worth the investment.

5 of the Best Caps of 2018

4. Stone Island Classic Embroidered Cap 

The brand that used to be synonymous with chair-throwing hooligans, Stone Island’s image has been completely revamped. Their range of baseball caps is a subtler addition to their clothing range. The simple, unstructured cap features a subtle but distinct logo and comes in a variety of tonal colours. With a nod to the 90s-mod rock era, this brand is now tantamount with some of the coolest streetwear fashionistas around.

5 of the Best Caps of 2018

5. Todd Snyder X New Era Denim Baseball Cap 

Worn by the likes of Jay-Z, Zac Efron and even Harry Potter (well Daniel Radcliffe) the New Era baseball cap is a timeless brand, always hitting it out of the park with killer caps. The company has teamed up with New York native Todd Snyder to give the baseball brand a stylish twist. Whether you support the MLB team or not, this cap is an incredibly stylish addition to your wardrobe.

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