Before you read this post any further, go and turn on that hot glue gun. Because by the time it warms up, you’ll be finished reading this tutorial and ready to start making these super cute spider barrettes!

Then count 300 seconds real slow…that’s all the time it takes before they’re done and ready to wear! I love quick projects!
Note: the spiders are adhesives that I picked up at Michaels in their Halloween crafts department. But, you can use any 3D spiders for this project, including ones made of plastic if you wish, as along as they don’t exceed about 1″ in width and length.

Cut two small pieces of felt that are slightly larger than the surface of the barrettes. Apply hot glue directly to the barrettes and attach the felt pieces.

Turn them over and take a pair of small sharp scissors and cut around the barrettes to get rid of all the excess felt.

Lastly, apply a tiny dab of hot glue to the centre of each barrette to adhere the spider.

Total project time: literally 5 minutes!