Parisian know a lot of good tricks when it comes to the home decor chapter so if you want your kitchen looking like a chic French bistro or cafe, here are five easy tricks to follow:

1. Bistro chairs

Decorate your dreamy kitchen with a mix of bistro chairs in neutral colors. Think about the stylish Caribbean chairs or some wooden retro models and make your kitchen the perfect place to start your day with a delicious coffee and a croissant.

2. Pick printed tiles

Make your kitchen more chic than ever using printed tiles in a neutral color scheme. From chess tiles to abstract art, get creative with your kitchen floor and after that, make a contrast with it and some stylish blue cabinets.

3. Choose open shelves

An easy way to see all your kitchen utensils and ingredients, but also a cute way to show off all your pretty kitchen objects, open shelves are the Parisian version of shelves for you!

4. Add dreamy lights

Decorate your Parisian chic table with fancy or minimal light bulbs that hang from the ceiling really low. This type of arrangement is super chic and it will make your home looking really dreamy!

5. Pick artsy framed photos

Add anywhere in your kitchen space a gallery wall or a statement framed picture showing a beautiful or artsy picture. Pick one in black and white and you will see the Parisian nostalgia that the space will get.

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