Who knew a cereal bowl could make us feel this way?

In the throes of this digital age, there are a dizzying number of ceramicists hawking their wares—kiln-fired accoutrements are having quite a moment on Instagram. 

If your feed is in a frenzy, this list is for you. Below, you’ll find ceramicists at the top of their craft and pieces that experiment with glaze, color, and form. You’ll proudly display these ceramic tablewares and decor from five makers well worth their salt. 

ANK Ceramics

Photo Courtesy of ANK Ceramics

Ariela Kuh of ANK Ceramics has been making things for as long as she can remember. From Lincolnville, Maine, she crafts tableware by hand and wheel that features organic forms and neutral colors.

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Ank Ceramics Aquinnah Vessel 64

One of a kind ceramic vessel with spotted glaze and geometric handle. Each piece is turned on the wheel or hand-built, trimmed, sanded, and fired in an electric kiln. Glazes are mixed in small batches to allow ultimate control and specificity of finish and may vary from batch to batch. Fired in an electric kiln to 2200 degrees. All items are food, dishwasher, and microwave safe. Hand wash for best results. Photo Courtesy of The Dreslyn

Ank Ceramics Sparrow Coffee Dripper

Pour-over coffee cone in satin white with iron black speckles. Thrown on the wheel. Glaze is hand-mixed, food safe, and dishwasher safe, although hand-washing is always preferred. Fired in an electric kiln to 2200 degrees. Photo Courtesy of The Dreslyn

Ank Ceramics Coquina Original Mug

Mug is thrown on the wheel. Glaze in variegated yellow pink named for the shell of a small seawater clam. This mug is hand-mixed, food safe, and dishwasher safe, although hand washing is always preferred. Fired in an electric kiln to 2200 degrees. Photo Courtesy of The Dreslyn

Photo Courtesy of Pigeon Toe

Pigeon Toe was founded by Lisa Jones in protest of mass production and with a vision for quality American goods. The Portland, Oregon–based company’s imaginative designs and processes are underscored by their commitment to innovation: “We explore the aesthetic potential of objects that populate and create our lives; we accentuate function and redefine form.”

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Pigeon Toe Blue Porcelain Wind Chimes

Blowin’ in the wind. All we need in this world to cue sheer happiness is a cool breeze sweeping over the patio, a glass of lemonade, and the gentle clinking of wind chimes. These porcelain discs are handmade in Portland exclusively for us in an unglazed, tinted blue clay and strung up on a brown leather cord. Opt for the chimes with 4 discs, or for extra melodious tinkling go for 8. Please note that due to their handmade nature (each piece is made to order), each wind chime is unique to the next. Made in: Portland, Oregon Made of: Porcelain, leather Size: 2.5″ W discs. Set of 4 Chimes is 8″ long. Set of 8 Chimes is 16″ long. Sourced from: Pigeon Toe Photography by James Ransom.

Pigeon Toe Matte Ceramic Mug

Dusty matte earth tones and muted pastels turn simple mugs into pieces of art in their own right. Each is hand thrown in Portland, Oregon, creating smooth curves, an unglazed, sanded surface with a glazed interior, and tinted clay. In Granite Speckle, Blush, Terracotta, Mint, Charcoal, the mugs are sold individually so you can go with one color, or create your own mix-matched set. Photo Courtesy of Food52

Pigeon Toe Two-Tone Matte Ramekin

From Pigeon Toe Ceramics and handmade in Portland, we’re swooning over these delicate little dishes. Each ramekin has an unglazed exterior dyed olive or charcoal, and a glossy, glazed interior in blush. Use them as individual olive dishes, to hold cherished jewelry, or as a handy pinch bowl. Photo Courtesy of Food52

Photo Courtesy of Helen Levi Ceramics

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