If you’re interested in home decor or you’re in the process of revamping your home or giving your bedroom a makeover, you may be thinking about how to dress your windows. Curtains and blinds don’t just enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room. They also provide insulation to keep you warm, and they block out light to help you sleep at night. If you’re looking for inspiration for your bedroom, living room or study, here are some great curtain fabric ideas.

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Checks are everywhere this autumn/winter, and they make an ideal addition to living rooms, home offices, kitchens, and bedrooms. You can choose from deeper, bolder shades for large rooms or more subtle patterns and lighter tones for smaller rooms and spaces you use to relax and chill out. Checks work with both traditional and modern interior designs. You can use striking tartans or herringbone patterns for rustic snugs and lounges or opt for contemporary graphic lines for a trendy modern kitchen or a teen retreat.

Checks are a very popular print, and they are available in most types of curtain fabric, from lightweight cotton to heavy-duty lined curtains that are perfect for cosy winter nights. If you have plain, simple walls, you can use checked or plaid curtains to introduce a theme, and carry it through the room with cushion covers, bed linen, or blankets.


Florals never go out of fashion, and there’s a vast array of fabrics on offer. Seasonal changes tend to determine what kinds of floral patterns are en vogue. In the warmer months, people tend to opt for bright colours and hibiscus designs or pretty ditsy prints. When temperatures fall, darker shades become more popular, and more complex and detailed prints are often featured in interior magazines.

Think climbing plants that weave their way up the curtains or intricate vintage-style brocade patterns. The beauty of florals is that they offer something for every space. The popularity of the print also means that it’s easy to find curtains that are suited to very home at any time of year. You can opt for light voile curtains with a delicate floral imprint for your kitchen in the summer or a robust and decadent pattern in viscose, chenille or even velvet for those chilly winter days.


If you’re looking to channel vintage Parisian chic or inject some serious old-school Hollywood glamour into your interiors, you cannot go wrong with velvet. This sumptuous fabric is ideally suited to living rooms and bedrooms, and it is an autumn/winter staple.

Velvet oozes luxury, and it’s also famed for keeping the cold at bay. Opt for jewel shades, such as sapphire blue, ruby red or emerald green for the ultimate in opulence, or go for black for a chic, modern vibe. If you’ve got a living room with exposed brickwork, leather couches, and faux fur rugs, black velvet curtains will add the perfect finishing touch.


Silk is an excellent option for elegant interiors, which exude style and class. Silk curtains can be printed or plain, and they are light and sleek, making them ideal for spring/summer. Silk curtains are perfect for bedrooms and dressing rooms, and they add a romantic feel.

Silk works for both old and new homes, and it can be combined with a range of other materials and textures to create stunning results.


If you’re keen for your curtains to take centre stage and provide a talking point, abstract prints are a great option. You can use abstract designs to lift plain, neutral walls or choose complementary colours to carry a theme. Abstract art is appealing to many, and printed curtains can make a bold style statement in living and reception spaces.

This kind of look is ideal for a modern home, and it will work well with polished wooden floors, minimalist furniture, and framed wall art. If you’re after something a little quirky and unique, this could be the curtain fabric choice for you.

Curtains and soft furnishings can really add to the overall aesthetic of a room. With a vast array of materials and prints available, it can be tricky to narrow down the options to find the perfect pair of curtains. Think about the style of your home, the ambience of the room and how you plan to use that space before you decide on colours, prints, and fabrics. If you’re renovating or redecorating, hopefully, his guide has given you some inspiration and some ideas you can share with your friends.

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