Perfect for a person with a powerful personality or an eccentric lover, the eclectic style is that gorgeous mix that will make any home or room stand out. So, here five easy tips to follow when decorating an eclectic home:

1. Add wooden elements

From wooden chairs, to a great wooden table, countertop, cabinet or closet, the wooden accents cannot miss from a beautiful eclectic home. They bring warm and a traditional vibe to a space and they are great when combined with Scandi or modern deco elements.



2. Pick industrial items

Industrial lamps, chairs, bar stools or tables are just a few of the cool industrial items you can pick for an eclectic space. Match them with retro furniture or minimal items and you will have a stylish eclectic home.

3. Mix & Match patterns

A feminine floral prints, an artsy abstract pattern or an oriental print, these are just a few colorful accent with personality that you need in an eclectic home. This whole pattern mix really makes an eclectic room stand out and also it can shape your room making it simply dreamy!

4. Think about two favorite styles and show them

In an eclectic home you need to combine at least two styles together. For example the minimal or Scandi look goes great with tropical or industrial elements or even with a vintage style, while the seventies look is great with futuristic and modern elements. The boho look works wonders with retro or minimal elements and the Parisian chic style can be easily combined with Californian and retro details. So, think about the perfect mix, think of the color scheme, don’t forget to have something new and something old and start decorating your dreamy home.

5. Make a mix of different paitings and framed photos

If you want an eclectic home you definitely need a beautiful and artsy gallery wall. To make it super eclectic and original mix and match paintings with posters, drawing and framed photos. Pick themes you enjoy or think about an abstract theme you will love to view on your wall.

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