Who loves accessories as much as we do?
Without a doubt, they are that guilty taste, quite expensive but almost impossible to ignore in the outfit of a woman.
That is why we have pursued some trends of recent months, which will force you to leave the basic earrings and use details with more brightness, colour and size. Let yourself be impressed and do not think too much, just include them in your list of accessories, then you will find many combinations of outfits that will go well with them.



The idea of using earrings that continue the shape of the cartilage is beautiful. For girls who love piercings, they sure profit from this trend but if you are terrified of piercing yourself once again, here is this idea that fits perfectly in you. I got earrings with the shape of a half moon and you could use them like this or invert them as pendants. And flower earrings because this design always solves!


This earring design should definitely be part of your accessories box. Do not think that because of its variety of colours you can use it at any time because these are for exclusive use for eventualities at night when you need a distraction point in the middle zone, other than your neckline or makeup. They are always necessary!

5 Earring that you MUST include in your Accessories Box

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The tendency of the last year has been to add each day more size to this option of earrings. We love them but using the same thing as the rest is not an option. If you want to include it in your accessories box, the best thing you can do is to make sure they have an extra element that makes them different from the rest. They can hang some pebbles or have a half moon of the same material. Do you think the idea is better?

5 Earring that you MUST include in your Accessories Box

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We love this idea that leaves the cute of bears and bunnies and happens to something more daring and sexy as snakes. The designs that have emerged from this curious animal, are incredible!

5 Earring that you MUST include in your Accessories Box

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WE LOVE THEM! We are loving the return of neon colours and the best part is that they are here to stay. Not only may be part of your clothes but also your makeup. Could you imagine these same earrings together with a very simple makeup in which you put some eye shadows of the same tone in the lacrimal area to create contrast? It would be a show! Do not neglect to include them also in your accessories box.

5 Earring that you MUST include in your Accessories Box

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