A wild spirit and an adventure lover, the perfect home for a Sagittarius will be bringing the outdoor indoors. But, you can do that with simple home deco tricks, like a cute home garden or a lot of plants and small trees added all around your dreamy living space.

A big fan of travelling, this wild sign loves to have things in its dreamy home that remind him of his favorite trips like suitcases, maps or world globes. He also loves having memories all around his room and collecting vintage items from all around the world.

Also, this sign gets really bored fast of a certain deco style so it’s in a constant need of a redecorating its home. So, think big when investing in your home only when it comes to the sofa or dining table, the rest of the deco items you tend to replace pretty often.

A fire sign and always in the mood for coziness and comfort, this adventurous sign will love having cozy elements all around its home a dreamy fireplace decorated with cool deco items and comfortable chairs with blankets on top.
So, it’s time to take a look at five things a Sagittarius really loves in home decor:

1. An indoor garden

2. Travel memorabilia

3. A comfy couch

4. Cool vintage inspired maps

5. A cosy corner

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