A lover of style, design and pretty things, a Libra’s home will always stand out comparing to others. You love art and anything about it, so your home will always have a fabulous bookshelf and corners filled with gorgeous deco items and art objects. Let’s not forget, Libra is the most artistic sign of the zodiac. ! Also, your wardrobe will be outstanding, big, categorized and well organized. And in it all your best outfits and accessories will definitely shine.

Besides being well-organized and also beauty & art oriented, a Libra is also really balanced in its life and lifestyle. So anything in its dreamy home can be the perfect and well-proportioned mix between styles, colors or textures. So, don’t be afraid to mix and match as long as you have the perfect color or scale balance.

Libras love to have a partner, so make your home as cozy and possible and couple friendly. Think about a hotel bed with two nightstands or the perfect couple table for a romantic dinner.

Also, be careful with clutter, you tend to gather a lot of stuff, so organized everything in your home office by adding extra drawers and storage solutions.

So here are five dreamy things a Libra loves in home decor:


1. A gorgeous bookshelf

2. A big walk in closet

3. An artsy corner

4. A color and texture mix

5. A table for two

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