Just in time for fall we bring you five easy ideas that help you rearrange your fall wardrobe. Yes, it’s again that time of the year where you exchange you summer clothes for the winter ones and you need extra room for boots and a loot of jackets. So, here are a few easy tricks for you:

1. Arrange your clothes from the short to the long size

This organization skill is super practical because it makes extra room for you in your accesories or clothes. So, above your short clothes you will have enough space on the rack to add folded clothes, shoes, bags or boxes filled with accessories, scarf and belt, ingenious right?

2. Catergorize, categorize, categorize!

If you have a lot of room in your closet, categorize as much as you can. For example, arrange your blouses by style and color and choose the prettiest ones to go on the hanger. As for your jackets, add them on hangers too keep them better in time. Add organizational boxes and drawers to categorize accessories and small items better and say hello to the new season with everything in sight.

3. Fold your sweaters

Big items such as sweatshirts or sweaters are better off folded. Especially when it comes to sweaters, the folding procedure helps them stay in the perfect shape and helps you get extra space. So, add them in baskets or categorize them by color and make a cute arrange around them.

4. Make an inspirational board

Every season means new inspiration for your clothes and outfits. And before you start to arrange everything or to reorganize all your stuff, make an inspirational board with fashion pictures that you really like, colors, shapes and pop culture references you love. Also, you can add this board on your desk and look at it every day before choosing your outfit; it will help you a lot!

5. Hide small stuff in boxes

If you have an open closet make it really pretty by hidding small and boring items and making the eye catchy items really shine! So add on hangers and in front all the items you love and you wear a lot and hide in boxes or baskets the small items, accessories and basic clothes.

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