If you believe in the art of Feng Shui, we have some great tips for you, especially if you live in a small apartment. These five easy tricks will bring happiness into your home and well being, so you have nothing to loose if you try them out:

1. Focus on plants

A classic Feng Shui element, plants can grow as your life grows. That are something you should take care of and they make you more careful and responsible. They also bring a calm vibe and a bit of fresh air into your home, so they have a lot of good qualities, nevertheless, they look very pretty. For a tiny apartment choose one big plant that you can add next to the sofa or different small plants that you can place on top of table or shelves.

2. Never forget the walls

Decorating your walls is also a Feng Shui trick that helps you bring emotions to your home with picture, art pieces and memories. The pictures you choose need to bring you good memories and make you feel fantastic! Also, you can choose pictures that show a relaxing and calm place that you can dream about.

3. Add metallic items

Shiny and pretty, the metallic elements also bring a happy vibe into a home. Sparkling pieces and golden items are the perfect elements for a tiny home because they bring prosperity into a space. Because we’re talking about a small apartment, choose small deco items for your desk, pick golden or sparkling frames or add decorative objects in golden such as vases or a cute small coffee table.

4. Make your ceiling an infinite space

Your ceiling has to be white, because it can make you think about an infinite universe and help you dream more. Pick a light and glossy white and admire your beautiful home while you’re looking up. Moreover, these easy tricks will bring more light into any room you choose to paint in.

5. Choose succulent plants

Looking for a thing that can help you with the financial sector of your life? Well, a Feng Shui pick for you should be a succulent plant or more to add in your dreamy home. The jade plant is the most known to bring wealth into your home and to make the Feng Shui perfect, add these succulent plants in the left corner of your tiny room, as you see it from the entryway.


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